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HWTM Feature: Pirate Party by Loralee Lewis

Yesterday, Hostess with the Mostess featured my Pirates of the Carribean party! You may (or more likely may not)View full post »

Movie Premier Quinceañera with Center of Attention Events

(My favorite part of designing items for this event was the Willy Wonka dessert table.) This past year, I have beenView full post »

Yo Ho Ho My Buccaneer’s Birthday by Loralee Lewis

A few weeks back, we held my dear Ethan’s 5th Birthday party.   We waited for the school year to begin, in orderView full post »

Incoming Airline Baby Shower by Loralee Lewis

My apologies for being MIA.   We have been working around the clock  over here getting our items ready for the EmmysView full post »

My Boston’s Birthday Invite and Planning!

With four summer birthdays,  it’s party planning season here at the Lewis household.   Both Ethan and Boston&#View full post »

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, & The Crocodile

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s whereView full post »

Never Grow up!

So I took everyone’s advice and we are going with aCaptain Hook & Peter Pan Theme for Halloween! Vienna isView full post »

Martha Stewart’s Craft of the Day

The above was Martha Stewart’s Craft of the Day today. It disturbs me. And yet, I find the below PotteryView full post »

NFF Q&A #3 – Your Parties Our Answers

You ask the questions; we’ll give you our answers. Take them, leave them, put a pin in them, or marry them. DoView full post »