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HWTM Feature: Pirate Party by Loralee Lewis

Yesterday, Hostess with the Mostess featured my Pirates of the Carribean party! You may (or more likely may not) remember it from this past summer (you can find the original post with details here and the paper collection I created for event Yo Ho Buccaneer Collection here).

Ladies, I am now going to give you a piece of advice.  You know I have thrown a lot of parties.  I’ve done a lot of themes and had a lot of fun.   Yet after throwing this event, I think it should be mandatory for every boy in America to have a pirate party.  No questions asked.   I don’t feel that way about any other theme so far.   I don’t know what it is about Pirates…I think it has to do with the whole pillaging and plundering deal…but something borderline magical happens when boys (of all ages) get to pretend they are out at sea searching for buried treasure.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, I honestly do my very best to bring something magical and special to each event I style.  That being said, the below event was a breeze in that department.  I did nothing.  The party theme did it on it’s own.   Those little kids came in character and stayed in character.  And one more thing, all the dads ended up staying at the party!   I’ve never seen that.  Again, it’s the pirate deal.  As the hostess mom, I said to the parents, “You can pick them up at five. ”  The moms left.  The dads stayed and played.   I had a difficult time getting them to leave.  I honestly have only had a handful of events where that “little magic”  happened so effortlessly.  So if you are trying to choose a theme for your son’s upcoming party – consider pirates.  I don’t know what it is, but boys (of all ages) love it.

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