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What I’ve been up to!

The Texas heat has driven me indoors! I am counting the days until  I can feel the first fall breeze! In the meantime, I design upstairs in my office wearing a swimsuit or cotton dress with my hair in a ponytail when my little ones go down for their mid afternoon naps. I’m a little anxious for school to start.  What can I say? It’s been a long hot summer.  Fourteenth day in a row over 100 here actually.  Not that any one is counting.Here is what I’ve come up with. You’ll notice my midsummer’s dream of fall in some of them…

Special Note: Loralee Lewis & Co. believes in integrity of design and distribution, and in protecting the creations of artists who bring beauty into our lives. To this end, all Loralee Lewis items include hand-designed images that either (a) are created in house with copyright, (b) images that have been legally purchased for this type of distribution, or (c) images that after extensive research are strongly believed to be completely free from copyright.

I was inspired by a client’s request for an invitation to a couples shower last week. Their theme, vintage picnic. It is going to be one fancy affair! Boy, what I wouldn’t do to live a little closer so I could attend! It would be a delight to say the least. So many of my cute clients ask me to attend their events and it really does take EVERYTHING I have not to say yes! yes! YES! and spend every dime they just paid me to get on a plane and be there within 24 hours! As you know, I have a weakness for parties, especially good ones.
I designed this little invite for a little girl who is having a show-and-tell pet party!  It will soon have cupcake toppes, thank you notes, favor tags, and place setting cards that coordinate.
The Berry Sweet Birthday Collection
This invitation I just finished this weekend.  It was inspired by a client who purchased a Janie & Jack dress we both fell in love with.  (I also have a weakness for Janie and Jack.) Her daughter is going to wear it at the party.  SO CUTE! This has cupcake toppers, thank you notes, address labels, and stickers that coordinate.
This one will have coordinating cupcake toppers and stickers, but I haven’t designed them yet.  I can’t believe people are already buying Halloween invitations!  I guess I’m not the only one wanting fall to come sooner!
Like I said, I’m feeling fall!  And yes…I know clock is spelled wrong in this one!  Need to fix that.

This one was designed for no one in particular.  My littleV is scared of ladybugs.
I love my little Ethan’s hand holding it up in the second photo!
A popsicle party would be so fun in this heat! We basically have one every day here!
Popsicles before 11am, I wouldn’t call unusual.
I love the idea of a Wizard of Oz party – so I made two different ones!
These will have coordinating thank you notes, cupcake toppers, etc. in the near future.
My husband prefers this one.  I like the Technicolor one.

I was originally inspired to make this invite for some sweet sweet friends who had the cutest idea of a baked goods good bye party.  I am revamping it right now with coordinating thank you notes and stickers for a lady who is doing a big bakery party for her daughter!  How fun! I can’t believe how creative people are! 

The Vintage Tea Party Collection Invitation, Thank you note, & Registry Card 

This one comes in Pink & Blue or chocolate & Blue.  I have been doing a lot of baby showers with this one!  I originally made this one for my best friend’s sister-in-law’s baby shower a few weeks back.  The mother-to-be loved tea parties and tea pots and so I designed this for her event.  I changed the colors to blue and chocolate so it would work for boy showers too.

Oh, the kiddos are awake!  Better run!
I hope you enjoyed viewing my designs 1/2 as much as I did creating them!
Dreaming of fall,

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