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I was inspired by a client’s request for an invitation to a couples shower last week. Their theme, vintage picnic. It is going to be one fancy affair! Boy, what I wouldn’t do to live a little closer so I could attend! It would be a delight to say the least. So many of my cute clients ask me to attend their events and it really does take EVERYTHING I have not to say yes! yes! YES! and spend every dime they just paid me to get on a plane and be there within 24 hours! As you know, I have a weakness for parties, especially good ones.
In other news, within the last week:  Lee has had pneumonia, Ethan has had Bronchitis, Miss V has had bilateral ear infections and early set Bronchitis, and I have had borderline something?  Boston on the other hand has been the healthiest of us all and just has a slight cough!  I guess when it rains, it pours.  But we are all doing much much better now.  I got the kids on antibiotics pronto once I found out it could interfere with them starting preschool next week.  I’m a little anxious for school to start.  What can I say? It’s been a long hot summer.  Fourteenth day in a row over 100 here actually.  Not that any one is counting.
In better news, we put an offer on a new home! 
  I am so hoping we are going to be able to get it.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  The home needs quite a bit of fix up work, but I am in love with it for some odd reason despite the broken everything.  I hope we get it.  
We are putting our current home up for sale this week! I hope this one sells too!
In even better news,  I received a late night text from my little sister that read:
“I’ve got something sparkly on my hand!” 
In true Mormon style, they are scheduled to be wed in only two months! 
With my other sister, Kristie’s, baby due on October 2nd, my mom may lose all her hair.  I’m not worried.  We can always get her a wig for the wedding.   And no one can pull off a wedding like my Sandra Anderson Living.  Between her, Annie, my Aunt Sherral…(oh! and the bride who is so exquisite with flowers and decor she has decorated the main Christmas Trees for Temple Square, Grand America and the Joseph Smith building to name just a few) – I doubt a sixty day deadline is going to be a problem.  But that doesn’t mean anything as far as hair loss.  Hair loss may be a problem.  Nothing is unstressful in the Anderson household.  Well, very little. There is a lot of creative estrogen.  I am excited to get V a princess dress to match Livy and Lainey…and tiny tuxes for my little men.
And in keeping with the good news spirit, I wanted to let everyone know that Lee has his eye surgery scheduled for the end of September.  Hallelujah.  It truly has been a trial in our life.  I am so glad he is going to be able to see out of both eyes soon!
In unrelated news, I also designed this little invite for a little girl who is having a show-and-tell pet party!

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