Trick-or-Treat Bouquet

For those who do not dare venture out to trick-or-treat, having friends and family over for a Halloween candy buffet is the sweetest solution! Fill dishes with old fashioned treats that will make you and your guests reminisce of Ghosts of Halloween Past. Purchase all of your old time favorites; Sugar Daddys, candy corn, Tootsie Rolls, Black Jack, and caramel apples are perfect for a vintage affair. What better way to lower the fuss factor (and maximize the fabulous) than using your candy as a sweet centerpiece? Kids and adults will love picking out their favorite treat from your very own candy creation. Rebecca Thuss inspired us to make this Trick-or-Treat bouquet for our No Fuss Fabulous candy centerpiece. It can be made in minutes. Take a flower pot (we used an urn from a second hand store) and fill the pot with dried black beans. Stick colorful lollipops and candies on a stick into the black bean filled pot and you are done! No Fuss Fabulous in less than five minutes!

No Fuss Fabulous Hint: If your lollipops are very large, they may not stand up well in the beans. Use Styrofoam at the bottom of the pot for oversized candies.

P.S. Attention No Fuss Fabulous Grandmas: Smaller individual bouquets made out of your grandchild’s favorite candy would be a terrifyingly terrific special trick-o-treat! Only Grandma could come up with something that No Fuss Fabulous on Halloween night!

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