It’s almost Thanksgiving!!!!!

Isn’t my little boy cute? So cute. I love when we capture a photo of him like this. He has a very old soul and some of his photos recognize that fact all to well. I love when one comes out that just screams two year old little boy! Anyway….
It’s almost Thanksgiving and our house is brimming with excitement! I am afraid I have injected my children early with the holiday-glee bug. They seem to feel the excitement in the air. Or perhaps they just smell the warm cinnamon and spice coming from the kitchen. Either way, they are all smiles these days…even when they are not feeling well. So that makes me happy!
I am procratinating applying to PhD programs by telling myself I still haven’t finalized my Thanksgiving menu. Staring at mouthwatering pictures in Southern Living’s Holiday Recipes is much more entertaining than writing 300 word essays. Questions like, “Peach glazed ham or traditional brown sugar glazed?” can keep me occupied for a surprising amount of time. I tried out a recipe for a Blue Cheese Bacon spread last night to no avail. It seemed so promising. I guess I’ll just have to procrastinate some more to find a better spread recipe…. No worries. I’m not too broken up about it. Unforunately for me, an old boyfriend taught me a very funny phrase about procrastination that has always stuck with me. “If you wait till the last minute, only takes a minute.”

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