Pie Party: Eat Dessert First!

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” -Ernestine Ulmer

We took Ernestine at her word and created this deliciously timed No Fuss Fabulous Pre-Holiday Pie Party!

Our No Fuss Fabulous Pie Party is perfect for those who have several families wanting to gather together for Thanksgiving or for those who simply love pie! Lucky for everyone, this celebration truly can be defined as easy as pie! An elegant party simply does not come more No Fuss Fabulous than this.

Give guests a taste of the warm celebration to come, by choosing a formal invitation that plays by all the rules. We chose a print-at-home BRIDES invitation found at Michael’s in autumn tones. (They are currently on clearance!!!) Other great choices include: Checkerboard’s Chocolate Covered Cherry invitation found at and Etsy shop Any Occasion Boutique’s handmade Thanksgiving Autumn Leave invitations.

Potluck Pie!

Pie is the menu at this party!
To create a No Fuss Fabulous night, request each guest to bring their favorite holiday pie. Not only will this make the night light on you, but your friends will leap at the chance to share their favorite recipes as well. (For those who are too busy to break out the flour and sugar, click here for our list of the best pies made to order in the country!)

Drink Up!
A little egg nog goes a long way. Set your party off right with an easy holiday nog. Click here for Sandra Lee’s Eggnog Recipe (with a prep time of only 3 minutes, it completely receives a No Fuss Fabulous nod.) Not a fan of egg nog? Try Sandra Lee’s White Hot Chocolate . Just as easy, just as fabulous.

Mini Recipe Booklet Favors!
Once you confirm your RSVP list, email each guest and have them send you their pie recipe. Copy and paste their recipes onto your word program and print to create a charming mini-pie recipe booklet as a favor. No Fuss Fabulous Tip: Use the same stationery as your invitiation for a uniform look!

A slice of Pie at Midnight is a slice of Heaven on Earth!”
Your guests can’t help but take a few extra pie slices home in these adorable take-out favor boxes! Simply print our coordinating box labels out at home and paste them on to boxes! No Fuss Fabulous in every way! Your guests will not only love them, but will be able to remminisce about the lovely evening while endulging in a little midnight slice of heaven.

Pie in the Sky!
Place cake pedestals of varying heights on your table to create a perfect pie display. No Fuss Fabulous Tip: If you do not own many cake pedestals, create the look simply by setting boxes of varying sizes out and covering them with your tablecloth or coordinating fabrics.

Perfect Pie Labels!

Personalize your pie party by creating labels for each type of pie along with the guest’s name who baked it. Your pie-makers will love the recognition! We simply printed our pie names on shipping labels and stuck them onto cooking sticks that we broke in half. A very simply No Fuss Fabulous way to add that personal touch to your celebration!

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