Display Your Gratitude!

This easy to make gratitude banner is not only a fun decoration but also acts as a subtle reminder of the reasons for Thanksgiving.. Print and cut out each 4 inch square. Then add a backing to each square by gluing it to a slightly larger square in cardstock. String the letters together using ribbon and embellishments. During the next week before Thanksgiving, have thin, 11 inch long strips of autumn colored paper available in a jar and a pen available. Whenever you or a family member thinks of something they have gratitude for, have them write it down. Then fold and tie the paper to the banner like the Japanese of the Shinto religion do when they tie their prayers to trees (see here). The end result will be a gorgeous confetti of color centering around the word “Gratitude”. Untie and read all the papers of gratitude during Thanksgiving dinner.
So display and spell out your gratitude! Download here: G R AT ITUDE !

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