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The Emmy Production

I realize I should have posted this DAYS ago!
My team and I have been recovering from an Emmy swag bag production hangover!
I truly suppose most of the 30 companies that are chosen for the Emmy swag bags probably just call up their supplier and order 800 of everything from China.
Not the case with my new little company. Almost every item is made in-house!  Let’s all hope that is what made them stand out next to all the iphones and Trimspa pills!
It was quite the production to get 800 samplings of my products out the door in just a week. Everything had to be overnighted and I had to call in everyone… including my grandma!
4,800 chocolates with custom wrappers (one of my newest products! Look for them in the store soon!)
3,600 straws with custom pennants
9,400 glue dots, 800 Pillow containers
800 gold chocolate containers
800 personalized tags
800 information sheets
800 black satin ribbons
800 silver sparkle sheeted inserts later (I had to have some sparkles somewhere)
 and 20 extra extra large USPS Express boxes later they shipped!
A special thank you to Wayne Ogden, Alison Daines, Tami Reeder, Sandra Anderson, Katie Harmon, Lee Lewis, Annie Christensen, Nanette Wilkins, Mark,  Ashley Nielson, Ana Garcia, Gary Anderson, Christine Pryor, Sherral Oliver, and Grandma Anderson for coming to my rescue and working 19 hour days to make it all happen!

Here’s a peek at the whole production.

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