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Oh Sweet Honey! Send Me Your Ideas!

The other day, my little V-Bee turned four years old. Which means, it has been a whole year since her Queen Bee Birthday.   I won’t lie; I wanted to cry.  As terrible as it sounds, I wish I could just sting her with a little sweet syrum and keep her this old forever.   That being said, every age she is – is my favorite age. She is my girl and we reign this hive of boys together.   So now I am trying to coming up with a theme for her  birthday party.  This party is kind of important. We moved this year.  She has a new school, new friends, and for a demure very shy little girl it wasn’t the easiest in the beginning.  To be honest, I don’t know if it was harder on her or me – watching her grow and step out of her comfort zone.  There was more than once that I just wanted to wrap her up in a never-ending protective bubble wrap of  hugs, rainbows, and love before sending her off to preschool that day.  (Do you ever feel that way with your kids?)  But she did it!  She has a new circle of friends and has spread her little wings at school beautifully.  I am so proud of her and so I want her to celebrate!  Vienna’s party theme changes as often as her Halloween costume choices.  For Halloween she now either wants to be a Pumpkin Monster or a Crocodile.  So what do I do with the Dorothy dress and Ruby slippers in the closet? For her birthday she either wants a Puppy Dog Party,  a Unicorn Party (I don’t foresee this one coming to fruition, but it’s her choice), a Horse Party, or a “baby ghost” Pumpkin Party.  Nevermind that she wanted a Fairy Party all summer long and I’ve been counting the days to pull out the pixie dust and wings.  *sigh*  Oh, how I love this little girl.  Send me your ideas.  I am in need of them.  The party is in less than two weeks and I need to get planning!   I’d love to hear your best themes!  Here are some photos of her Queen Bee Birthday from last year, in case you missed it!

I have some more exciting news coming up too! So don’t go too far!
Blog to you real soon,

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