My Homemade/Costco Lemon Bites

NFFLemoncloseupI love my Costco and Sam’s Club for event planning…and not just because they have carts with room for two toddlers in front. Actually, I don’t know who doesn’t love them for event planning. I love to sprinkle little store-bought pretty appetizers and desserts among homemade items at a baby shower or family shindig. In my opinion, they fill in the gaps while keeping the party beautiful (and me sane). So when I ran into these adorable Upper Crust Bakery’s Mini-Lemon Bites at my local Sam’s last week I thought I had to share. They come in a package of 24 for $8.88. I found mine at Sam’s Club, but after looking online realized they were available at Costco for the same price as well. NFFLemonplatterPick up a package of blueberries or raspberries with mint leaves to add a personal touch and you are finished! I served these at my son’s coming home event and they were so easy and I got more compliments than I choose to admit. When you don’t have time to make Grandma’s from scratch homemade glazed lemon bites – these are an alternative you won’t feel too guilty for!
P.S. I actually think these would make a charming addition to a Christmas buffet as well. Don’t you?

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  • Loralee…this is a great idea! Thank you for posting this. Our youngest son is getting married back east buy having a reception/open house here before he heads up to Idaho to finish school. So I have 3 weeks to pull together a reception! I love this idea!

  • I love these for events as you posted…but also for my own guilty pleasure. I freeze them, and when I want to have a small treat, I take a couple out and enjoy with my coffee.

  • Well duh! I thought this was a recipe for making these because you know. That’s what the headline was. Lol. Oh well

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