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Loralee Lewis & Marie Claire Enfants Magazine

Marie Claire Enfants in Paris contacted me a few months ago and asked if they could feature my Safari Adventure Collection Invitation along with some birthday ideas in their October issue.

Ladies, let me just be clear – I basically would anything (legal) Marie Claire Magazine asked me to do.

In my response back to their fancy-simply-because-it’s-French-and-it’s-Marie Claire Magazine-email, I did my very best to act nonchalant and “French-ish” about it all.  But like most French, I am sure they saw right through me.

I was giddy as a school girl – as I was today when I received the issue and saw how the discussed photo shoot came to life beautifully!

I also loved seeing that they featured not only my invitation and ideas but the burlap banner that I featured on the blog in the issue!  You can find my Safari Adventure Collection here and the how-to for your own burlap banner here!

Merci beaucoup, Marie Claire Enfants!  It was a pleasure collaborating with you!

Blog to you soon,

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