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Harvest Soup Party 2009

With Thanksgiving and the Christmas season shortly before us, I thought it was a perfect time to hold a laid back  and cozy soup party with dear friends who may be too busy dashing through the snow in a few weeks to get together.  This past weekend I held this little soup party for my friends here in Texas.   It was so fun.  The best part was that it was easy <— my favorite.    No, in all honesty, I didn’t want to make it a lot of work simply because I know myself all too well.  Ladies, it will only be a matter of weeks before I will be running around like Santa’s chief freakazoid trying to find ribbons that match not only the gift wrap but the wreath and the frosting on the sugar cookies as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it.  It’s my thing.  I love it, but I must conserve energy beforehand in order to have superior ribbon matching abilities.  Hence, the soup party being potluck.  I told myself that I was letting my guests shine, but in all honesty I just wanted to invite the bests cooks I know and feast upon their talents.  And so I did.  Yes, I had all the couples bring a pot of their favorite soup.    And they really out did themselves,  everything from Bacon Chowder to Zuchini was represented.  I just provided the rolls, salad and dessert.  I told you I knew how to throw a party.
I took my extra mason jars from the cupboard and added tags that read, “A true and loyal friend is soup to the weary soul.” I would love to tell you this quote was said by a famous poet or that it came from an Asian proverb, but I just made it up. I tried googling cute soup sayings but no dice. So I ran with my own. After we were done feasting on soup, guests ladeled their jars with the extra of their favorite soup. It was a favor and take-home box in one.NFFHarvestSoupParty1
I didn’t have enough placemats for all my guests, so I improvised. I took harvest colored scrapbook paper and used my cricut to cut out scalloped lace placmats. It was very easy and completely inexpensive.  Thus, giving me plenty of justification to buy another houndstooth accessory.  Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with anything houndstooth?  I am.  Now back to the party.NFFHarvestSoupParty4We had a lovely time just talking about kids.  Seriously, all we talked about was kids.  Well, and labor and pregnancy but since all my kids are adopted I just said things like, “That seems hard” or “Really, a C-section?”   during those topics.   Overall, the night was just fantastic.  A dinner away from kids talking about kids with plenty of good food and friends.  It doesn’t get better than that right before the holiday season.  Now onward to ribbon matching! 🙂   If you see a woman with excessive houndstooth accessories, wave.  It may be me!   Happy Entertaining.   

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