Gobble ’em up! Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Everyone can bake a turkey when it comes to these little gobblers! Our No Fuss Fabulous Gobble em’ up! Thanksgiving Cupcakes are fun, easy, and the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving event.
Here’s how to make them:
1) Bake and frost your cupcakes. (See below for our original No Fuss Fabulous Homemade Store Bought recipe links.)

2. Open your Fudge Stripe Cookies.
3. Cut a quarter of each cookie off.
4. Discard quarter pieces (aka eat). Leaving 3/4 of each cookie.
5. Place cookie on cupcake upright.
6. Unwrap miniature peanut butter cups. Place on side next to cookie.
7. Take autumn colored pipecleaner and cut pieces to your liking. Bend and form neck and head of turkey as you would like.
8. Eat!

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