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Freebie Friday: Yoo-hoo! Just Checkin’ in!

It wasn’t too long ago that I was packing to leave Texas. I had three little ones and a house filled with years of memories to pack up in three days.   Mr. Lewis just had his cornea transplant to restore his sight and was under strict guidelines to not lift a thing.    I remember thinking I was handling it all very well.  Then the doorbell rang.

You may laugh because I share so much on the blog – but I am a pretty private person in “real life.”    I adore space and I tend to keep to myself.  The doorbell rang again. I thought long and hard about not answering it.  To be completely honest with you, I don’t love people just popping in unexpectedly.  On this day, I had no desire to answer the door especially since I was  knee-deep in laundry with absolutely no makeup.  I decided not to answer the door.

Then the doorbell rang again. They were not going away.   I rolled my eyes at their tenacity,  but decided I’d lose my pride and answer the door in all my un-showered glory.  I answered the door to find a dear friend.   She was a little shocked at my appearance.  After recovering from her shock,  she said she just felt like I needed to be checked in on.  Then she gathered me up in a big bear hug.  To this day, I don’t know why – but I started to cry.  It felt so good to be checked in on.

I think we all need to be checked in on every once in awhile.   We all need to know that someone has the tenacity to keep ringing our doorbell to make sure we are okay – even at inconvenient times.  I believe we all (no matter how private) adore being truly cared for.   This little freebie is a tiny reminder to not be afraid of being  intrusively caring.   You can download it here.

Blog to you soon,

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