The Easter Bunny “Carrots” for Your Health

From the very beginning of the German tradition, Easter baskets have been full of sugar. Sugar used to be a rare treat, but it is now available by the truckload. The first Easter baskets were caps and bonnets left by small children; one definitely couldn’t fit a king sized chocolate rabbit, jellybeans, candy eggs, and quintessential Peeps all into one boy’s cap! Have you seen some of today’s candy laden Easter baskets?!? As a mother and a dentist, I love the idea of having a “well balanced” Easter basket. I’m not talking about the four food groups, but I do think there is the four Easter basket groups: candies, snacks, books and toys. The balancing act is tricky but essential since you would like happy kids at Grandma’s Easter dinner at 6pm and not sticky, grumpy ones.nofussfabulousgoldfishcarro1
To make our Easter celebration, we are going to be giving the Easter Bunny some ideas from the four groups.
Today we will make an easy “carrot” snack that the Easter bunny will be sure to nibble on! We love the classic “carrot” filled with orange jellybeans, but we know that the more jellies the more sugar in the bellies. So, we are doing a little twist on that basket stuffer with whole wheat gold fish.
This snack only takes two steps:
1. First take Wilton’s Disposable 12 inch Decorating Bags (have you noticed we just love these?) and fill them with whole wheat gold fish or your favorite orange colored cheese crackers.
2. Then gather the top and tie with green ric-rac ribbon.
These crackers are much more nutritious than jellybeans, but the effect is just as cute! Ask the Easter bunny stuff them into your baskets or throw them in the car for a snack while driving to Grandma’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

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