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Client Feature: Sweeties in Swimcaps

My favorite Arizona and Minnesota client (she’s in between locations right now), Kelly Anderson, contacted me earlier this summer to help her create A POOL PARTY TO REMEMBER for two of her darling girls – Madelyn & Julia!   I was thrilled to get to know Kelly and find that we had so much in common.   We both have three little ones and are expanding our talents through at-home careers along with the fun of young motherhood.  Kelly is now part of my growing team at Loralee Lewis and you will be seeing more of her talents to come.

But before all that happened – Kelly chose the Sweetie Swimcap Collection from my store for the event.   She told me that she FELL IN LOVE with the collection the moment she saw it.   (Which may have had something to do with  Kelly quickly becoming my favorite client in Arizona and Minnesota.  Apparently, I’m not that hard to win over.)

I shipped Kelly a whole slew of coordinating items in addition to her invitations, and she ran with the rest!  Her beautiful photography captured the day perfectly.

I love seeing parties in real life.

I have made a huge effort to show you what my parties truly look like in real life – just not the perfect table set up.  That’s why you saw half-eaten watermelons on the table at Boston’s Party and my husband offering his mother a kid’s meal in others.   I don’t edit those out because I want you to see the reason why I throw a party!  To me, the joy of a party is captured in the middle – not the beginning before the guests arrive.  The joy of the event is when the cake has been sliced, soda has spilled, the guests are comfortable, and there is at least one baby crying! 🙂

Kelly’s photos are a delight to me because they do just that!  You see the party in action and the joy.

I love when a client can envision the party that was planned in my head as I created the collection.