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Client Feature: Neapolitan Ice Cream Themed Birthday

Ladies, I just have the sweetest clients in the universe.  Not only do they throw incredible events, but the love that comes through some of their emails often  melts my heart like ice cream on an August afternoon.   Recently, one such client contacted me – Esther Gray Murphy.  Esther, adorable mom and owner of Aidan Grace Boutique,  was planning a joint birthday party for her cute-as-a-button son and daughter and wanted my help in creating the invitations and coordinating items!  We ran with my Cake & Ice Cream themed collection.  Esther requested to change the stripes on the invitation to chocolate on half (for her son) and pink on the other half of the invitations (for her daughter).   We easily made the switch and matched it with the coordinating items.   Below is how Esther brought it all together!  P.S. Yes, she did make the ice cream cookies and cake!!!  Oh, and every young guest received a homemade ice cream apron of their own!  Bravo, Esther.  Bravo.   You can view more cuteness from Esther Murphy on her blog here or in her store, Aidan Grace Boutique, here.   Thanks, Esther!  It was a joy working with you!

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