Christmas Pajamas!

Growing up, my family had a tradition that we could each open one present on Christmas Eve night. The present would always be matching pajamas! So I bought Ethan and Vienna some Christmas jammies. As my family knows all too well, I have a difficult time waiting to give any present. I have a TERRIBLE habit of presenting gifts days (sometimes weeks) before the big day. I absolutely cannot wait for people to see what I bought them. It’s ridiculous. Even when I don’t actually let them open it, I usually tell them what it is or give them so many hints that it is inevitable they will be able to guess. My mom hates it. Lee hates it. My sisters hate it. I have sworn to myself that I would stop doing this. I would wait until December 25th. But apparently, as proof of the two attached photos, I have not broken the habit as of this Christmas. Luckily, my children are so small they will not remember. I still have a few more Christmases before it becomes a bigger problem. Now the question is what present will they open on Christmas Eve?

But in all seriousness, if you had bought these pajamas and knew they would look this cute, could you have waited?

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