Nuts about Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

There is nuttin’ fussy about this green Thanksgiving kids’ table! Just download, print, and add a little bit of nature to create an unforgettable Thanksgiving theme! Our No Fuss Fabulous Nuts about Thanksgiving kids’ table is a family memory in and of itself and it’s sure to make any child smile ear to ear.

Inspired by a vintage coloring book squirrel, we created printable pop-up squirrels for you (and your kids) to go nuts over. Download our little “Chippy” the Squirrel here. Print, cut out, and place on the table!

No Fuss Fabulous tip: Be sure to leave a long tab for the squirrels you would like to have pop up as pictured above and below.

Keeping it No Fuss Fabulous (as well as low-cost and green), we took medium-sized pine cones from the backyard and turned them into perfectly themed place cards. Just add a toothpick with your children’s names taped on the back and insert it into the pine cone! The bristles will hold the toothpick in place. So easy and absolutely No Fuss Fabulous!

What is a squirrel-themed Thanksgiving table without acorns? We created these adorable acorn napkins ties by hot gluing acorns to raffia. Click here for a Martha Stewart How-To on making Harvest Napkin ties using acorns. No Fuss Fabulous Warning: Martha’s directions are a little more intense than ours… just as fabulous but a little more intense.

Or if you want to really lower the Fuss-factor, check out these adorable pre-made acorn ties by one of our favorite Etsy shops, truLuxe. While surfing Etsy, also check out WhiteFluffDesigns’ Mini Acorn Tags. We think they would make a perfect napkin tie addition.

The key to any kids’ table is entertainment. Keeping your kids occupied and enjoying themselves is imperative. Add fun to any table by adding little games into the decor. We found this fabulously free printable acorn maze online. We cut it out and kept it green by pasting the maze to old manila envelopes…which amazingly matched perfectly with our squirrels! (Okay…okay…we planned it.) Either way though – completely No Fuss Fabulous.

There is something about a squirrel taped to a pencil that changes it from a writing utensil to an insta-toy! To match our theme, we printed out another set of our No Fuss Fabulous “Chippy” squirrels and taped them to pencils for the little ones. Our kids loved it. We know yours will too!

No Fuss Fabulous tip: For small children hot glue Chippy onto pencil. Otherwise you will be doing a lot of re-taping Chippy on Thanksgiving Day.

Continue the squirrely delight by making the children’s centerpiece a game as well. In true No Fuss Fabulous fashion, we just filled an extra dish with acorns our kids had gathered up and placed Chippy on top to create an adorable centerpiece that seconds as a game! Let each child guess how many acorns are in the container. Count the acorns together after dinner and give the winner an extra slice of pumpkin pie!
No Fuss Fabulous parent tip: Keep the meaning of the day alive by making the kiddos name one blessing for every acorn as you count!

Just in case two little games are not going to cut it for your little blessings, check out Kids Craft’s free printable Squirrel Rummy game here. Another entertaining idea is a good storybook. After dinner while your little ones’ tummies are patiently waiting for dessert to be served, let Grandpa read them a Thanksgiving day book. We recommend The Boy Who Dreamed of An Acorn and The Squirrel’s Thanksgiving. Both have excellent messages and go perfectly with our squirrel nut theme.

In the case that you live in Siberia without any acorns in sight, we’ve got you covered. Check out Pottery Barn’s Acorn Filler (it’s on sale!) or Plum Party Supplies’ acorn clusters here. Although definitely less green, both would make adequate acorn substitutes.

Our final addition to our party should have been our first. Chippy Squirrel Invitations! Print them out here. In the case your printer doesn’t work (or you are just not in love with Chippy), there are also a few excellent substitutions for our Squirrel invitations.’s Acorn Invitations are simply adorable. We highly recommend not only for their products, but also their service. Check out what they are doing for our troops and how your holiday cards can help here. They are completely No Fuss Fabulous. Anna Bean’s Festive Fall Acorn Invitations also caught our eye, as well as’s Fall Placesetting invites.

Stay tuned tomorrow! We will be featuring No Fuss Fabulous Squirrel and Acorn cookies, as well as other adult additions to our No Fuss Fabulous Nuts about Thanksgiving theme!

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