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First day of Kindergarten X3

Elementary, my dear Watson‘? is famously said to indicate something is simple.  But elementary is anything but simple for this mother.   Especially, with three going off to kindergarten this year all togther.  Three of my four kiddos left to school this morning to their first day of kindergarten.   I was completely fine until the school handed me three packages (one for each child) of disposable handkerchiefs.  “For the ride home,” the Kindergarten teacher said.   I teared up right there in the parking lot.  Boston (my youngest still at home) followed suit.    We recently moved to a new state (did I mention that?).  Georgianna came home in April and the four of them have spent all summer running through our field and bonding like she has never been gone from their lives one day.  Until today, the four of them have been inseparable – the best of best friends.  As I watched my threesome march confidently into school together arm in arm, I was proud of them…and I was proud of me, because somehow (against the odds) I helped create this beautiful little dream team and for all my faults, at the end of the day, they call me mommy.  My whole heart is theirs and I get to call them mine.  This is my family.

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