Annie’s All Natural Bunnies!


There are a lot of great minds out there and we all think alike! I am so glad to have such brilliant blogging buddies. We are all thinking Annie’s All Natural Products with their adorable mascot bunny on the front are perfect for Easter! Such a great name :), great mascot, great product. I took these pics of Annie’s bunny shaped graham crackers romping over carrot flavored cupcakes yesterday while making the “carrot” with goldfish. Then Pumpkin Petunia and Jennifer W. suggested Annie’s bunny shaped cheese crackers! (BTW, if you are looking for adorable bunny labels head over to Pumpkin Petunias!)  For those of you who haven’t checked out Annie’s products, these graham crackers come in four different flavors: chocolate chip, honey, cinnamon and chocolate. They are cute romping over a cupcake or hiding  in Easter eggs! What are you using them for? I would love to hear your ideas!

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