LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty3PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty4PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty5PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty6PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty8PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty9PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty10PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty11PinThis LoraleeLewisAlohaLuauParty12PinThis

 Products and Styling by Loralee Lewis

Ever since I was little I have loved a luau!  My neighbors often had large Pacific Islander themed Luaus during the summer at their pool.  I was too little to attend (adults only!), but I can still remember sitting in my backyard listening to the music, happy shouts and dancing – just wishing I was older!

I created this Aloha Collection for all ages.  It features a vintage little hula girl and throw-back fonts to make little and big kids alike feel they just may not be that far from the island! You can find all the products on my website here!

Blog to you soon,

Loralee Lewis Products featured from the Aloha Collection:

Invitation and Envelope Liner

Custom Snow Cone Cups

Custom Ice Cream Cups

Custom Wooden Spoons

10 inch Glitter Letter Banner

Rosette Glitter Banner

Extra Large Circle Sticker Buffet Tags

French Fry boxes with custom labels

Water Bottle Labels

Glass Bottle Labels

Pennant Straw Flags on our Bamboo Straws

Favor Tags

Buffet Signs

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Around this time last year, I began designing the First Birthday Bear paper suite. (Shown here in blue, this collection is also available for girls in pink. I couldn’t forget the girls!)  I was thrilled to have the boy version specifically premiered by Kate Landers Events at her son Noah’s First Birthday Party.   Custom made for first birthdays only, this collection features sweet fuzzy bears and whimsical details.  Each item is expertly printed, die cut, and shipped to your doorstep. (With an almost-one-year-old on the hostess’ hands, my hope is that this collection will make little cub’s 1st Birthdays a breeze.) As always, Kate did a perfect job. Do check out her blog for more of the details of Noah’s 1st Birthday and vendor items not shown on this post. Liza Voll Photography captured the photographs for Noah’s special day.  You can also view the paper collections I created that Kate Lander’s featured at her Gender Reveal here and Baby Shower here.




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Inside the most recent issue of Babiekins, I share
my daughter Vienna’s, Princess & The Frog Birthday, along with my best tips
on creating a meaningful party for your little princess!

(See my tips at the bottom of this post!)

If you would like to see more photos and fun from
Vienna’s event
click here
! We had so much fun planning it together.

You can find all the fun of
Babiekins newest issue here!
Be sure to also check out the print issue at
Barnes & Noble,
Target, and Books a Million!


Loralee Lewis - Princess & The Frog Party

Loralee Lewis - Princess & The Frog Party

Loralee Lewis - Princess & The Frog Party

Every girl is a princess. Ask any parent with a daughter
and they will tell you – little girls bring a magic all their own. With tiaras,
pink gowns, and plastic high heels lining just about every store; it’s no surprise
that so many little girls request a princess themed birthday. So how does a mom
create a one-of-a-kind event, with a party theme every girl at the elementary has
done already? Just ask our party specialist, Loralee Lewis. Here are her top five
tricks to taking an ordinary princess themed birthday to extraordinary.

1) Involve your princess in planning. Here’s a secret:
the best source of inspiration isn’t going to be on the latest party blog. The best
inspiration is sitting at your kitchen table! Tap your princess’ imagination! Involve
your daughter in all the planning. Ask her what games she would love to play and
figure out a simple way of implementing them. If she mentions that she would love
to fly on a magic carpet like Jasmine, gather up all the bathroom rugs and have
her guests “fly around the world” with their eyes closed as you recite what they
are seeing in France, China, and Belgium! The most creative inspiration frequently
originates from a child. 2) Personalize her party. Ask yourself, what princess story
best represents my daughter? With seemingly hundreds of princess characters to pick
from, you and your daughter can be choosy as to what kind of party you are going
to create. If your little girl adores shoes and little mice, maybe a Cinderella
theme would be the best fit! Does your daughter have a strong sense adventure and
loves swimming? Perhaps, a Little Mermaid party would fit her personality. Does
she love animals and hiking outdoors? Pocahontas may be the unique princess theme
you are looking for. Don’t be afraid of choosing a theme that isn’t all ball gowns
and glass slippers. The most important thing is that it is 100% her! 3) Mix &
Match Princess Stories. After you figure out what main princess theme you are going
to run with, be aware that you don’t have to be 100% loyal to it. Little girls’
imaginations are bigger than the fairy tales they can recite from heart. If your
daughter is 100% sold on a Sleeping Beauty party, but also adores Cinderella slippers,
there is no need to choose between the two. She can dress up as Aurora and you can
still have the Fairy Godmother turn her little brother into a coachman. 4) Bow to
the Princesses. Let your princess reign over the day. Use a blanket, sidewalk chalk,
or baker’s paper to make a red carpet. Get a man or brother in her life to make
a humble appearance as a servant. Encourage her to wear all the bling she wants.
Make a carriage from a wagon to transport the princesses between stations or activities.
5) You Don’t Have to be Stuffy. Sometimes the best part of being a princess is not
having to act like one! Feel free to let her and friends jump on the trampoline
or do some fun face paint. Don’t feel bad if all they want to do is take off the
tiara and ditch the shoes with the bling. Depending on the ages of the girls, you
may only get them to wear what they’re supposed to for a few minutes, so take the
photos early!

Event Styling & Paper by Loralee
Photography by Tracy
Wagstaff Photography
Cakes by
The Apothecakery Cookies by
Nadia at My Little
Personalized Tea Cups by Airth & Olson

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Loralee Lewis 4th of JulyPinThis

Mason Jar Apple Pies by Glorious Treats, Custom Pennants & Scallop Stickers by Loralee Lewis


It is always a delight for me to be featured on Layla Grayce.  This past weekend, Layla Grayce with  Kate Landers Events, featured Glorious Treats  and me with a fun how-to on making mason jar apple pies. I have included the designs I used for the post below for reader’s to download.  Be sure to check out the whole fabulous post here on Layla Grayce for Glorious Treats’ fun recipe!

Blog to you soon,

Loralee Lewis 4th of July Free Download by Loralee Lewis

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LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-1PinThisStyling & Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by BriShae Photography

Here is a peek into our latest photo shoot for your 4th of July inspiration.
I love a holiday that’s all about family. To me, the secret of life is family.

And that’s what we tried to capture in our 4th of July inspiration photo shoot featuring our newest paper collection, The Sparkle Spangled Collection. Available on the website, it features patriotic colors, traditional gingham prints, and fun typography.

Like always, we do not offer “printable” products. All our products are beautifully printed, professionally die cut and shipped to your doorstep for quick assembly. As a mother of four, I can’t in my right mind do the whole printable debacle to another hostess or host. I want your holiday to be beautiful and easy. No printers, scissors, punches, glue sticks, …or tears. (I do offer a free download weekly on the blog, but I decided a long time ago that my company would not sell “printables” as not to add extra stress to a hostess or host’s all-ready long list to do. My mantra is: Life is hard enough, entertaining should be easy.) I have taken a long time (and continue) to create products of quality for our customers. Our straw pennants, bottle wraps, and buffet stickers are all 100% waterproof. Throw them in ice! Dunk them in water. They will stay beautiful. All our paper products are professionally printed on heavy cardstock. Banners and cupcake toppers all come with the beautiful rosettes shown to wow the even toughest of mothers-in-law. Our french fry and ice cream cup labels, now all come standard with the coordinating containers to ease the work of the hostess. Again, my goal is for your event to be no fuss and fabulous. Our goal is to make you look good!

My fabulous small staff is hard at work trying to get all of our 5000+ products onto the website. If you don’t see a photo of something or cannot find what you are looking for, be patient with us! Simply email us at info@loraleelewis.com and we would love to help you find what you need. LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-3PinThis

LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-4PinThisStyling & Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by BriShae Photography LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-5PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-6PinThisStyling & Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by BriShae Photography LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-7PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection11PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection-8PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection9PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection10PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection12PinThisStyling & Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by BriShae Photography LoraleeLewis-American-Collection13PinThisStyling & Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by BriShae Photography LoraleeLewis-American-Collection14PinThis LoraleeLewis-American-Collection15PinThis
The kids had such a blast with this photo shoot that we will be featuring more of the fun throughout the next week.

A special thanks to BriShae Photography, Robyn “Sugar” Fulfer, the Kellie Kinghorn Team, my team, and all our little models for all your help!

Will be back with more fun soon,

Loralee Lewis Products featured from the Star Spangled Collection:

Rosette Glitter Banner

Metallic Star Straws & Custom Navy Blue Straw Pennants

Custom Popcorn Boxes

Ornate Favor Boxes (Personalized)

Ice Cream Cone wraps

French Fry boxes with custom labels

Rosette Cupcake Toppers

Rosette Buffet Tags

Glitter Cupcake Wraps

Sparkler Custom Tags

Ice Cream Containers with custom labels

Extra Large Circle Sticker Buffet Tags

Custom Pennant Stickers on our wooden ball sticks

Cake Banner with Glitter Rosette

Buffet Sign with Glitter Rosette

Daisy Lid Mason Jars

Water Bottle Labels

Glass Bottle Labels

10 inch Glitter Letter Banner

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Loralee-Lewis-Freedom-QuoteaPinThis(Download this famous freedom quote by Theodore Roosevelt at the bottom of this post.)

I’ve always adored the Fourth of July. But the summer of 2007 brought a new meaning to the holiday. July 4, 2007 is the day I brought my first child, Ethan Alexander, home. The fight to bring our little son home to the U.S. from Uganda was not an easy one. This day marked the end of a long journey for me and the beginning of a new life together.

At the time, only about four Ugandan adoptions went through per year. (I’m happy to mention that at the time of this writing, Uganda is much more open to adoption and hundreds of children are being placed annually). As I stepped off the airplane at ATL airport, I held my new 11 month old son tightly in my arms. I hardly could believe that we were on American soil. Almost a whole year of fighting two governments to get my Ethan home had paid off. But as I neared the immigration line, my anxiety rose. Before or since, I have never thought twice about going through the immigration line, even with other adoptions. But truly every small routine thing in Ethan’s adoption had turned terribly wrong and as I neared the beginning of the line my hands began to shake.

The line moved quickly as the lady was speedily stamping everyone’s passports. Then it was Ethan’s and my turn. I carefully handed her my U.S. passport and Ethan’s Ugandan passport with his orphan visa. As I went to step forward, the immigration official held us back. She took a very long time looking over all Ethan’s paperwork. My anxiety rose. People in the line were getting impatient as I shook there and waited to see if she would stamp my Ethan’s passport allowing him into the United States. Finally, she looked up at me. My nervous eyes met her now-loving ones and she announced matter-of-factly, “When I stamp this passport, he will become an American citizen.” She then placed the stamp on her inkpad and with a loud pounding, she dramatically stamped Ethan’s passport and yelled, “He’s American!” People in the line cheered.  I cried.  Independence day had arrived for my family. 

Here’s a little photo of our Ethan the week he came home to the U.S. in 2007.  Wasn’t he the cutest chipmunk?!


This week we are celebrating America, summer, and liberty on the blog! Tomorrow we will be sharing fresh Fourth of July ideas with our latest Fourth of July Photo Shoot and paper collection.  See sneak peek photo below!

Loralee Lewis Fourth of July Shoot 3aPinThis

Thursday we will be sharing a new Fourth of July inspired how-to, as well as links to our favorite Fourth of July entertaining inspiration!

Below you can download the free art print shown above of the famous freedom quote by Theodore Roosevelt.

Blog to you soon,

Loralee Lewis Freedom Quote Download Free

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Event Paper & Styling by Loralee Lewis
Photography by Kristie Gardiner Photography, Cake by The Apothecakery

LoraleeLewisPixieHollow3PinThisWhat does a mother do when her child has experienced things that a child shouldn’t have to?  When her first five years were not in your loving embrace, but instead filled with hunger, hurt and loss? You accept that they happened and that they are hers.  You acknowledge they have made her who she is – beautiful,  independent, strong and resilient.  But at the same time, you mourn those years.  You wish you could have wiped every tear, picked her up from every fall, and blessed her with all the love she deserved.  You grieve that you don’t know the beginnings of her life as intimately as you know your other childrens’.  But you accept it.  You accept what has happened has happened. And then you say a prayer.  A prayer you hope that you can keep.  A prayer promising God that if there is any way, you will do all in your power to bring as much beauty to her life as possible.  That you will cram as many beautiful life memories into hers that they will drowned out the bad.  You dedicate yourself into finding out who she is, what makes her laugh, what she loves, why she cries, and how you will now fit into her beautiful world.  Always remembering in this less than traditional road to motherhood, that she is yours and she is a gift.

LoraleeLewisPixieHollow1PinThisI purposely make all my children’s birthdays as beautiful as possible.  I want them to have an enchanted childhood.  I want them to enjoy being children.  I don’t stress about their parties.  I don’t take weeks planning them either.  (I am running a company and a family of six after all!) Most of my children’s parties are planned just a week or two before. But I do put care into each of them.  I think about them and in most cases, plan them with each child.  Our Georgianna’s “first” birthday home from the DRC was especially important.   I wanted to douse her in nothing but pure magic.  Some of her first words in English were “Tinkerbell Fairy.”  She would recite from the Tinkerbell movie in her thick Congo accent at the time, “Mommy, all you need is faith, trust, and Pixie Dust!”  I loved the theme “All you need is Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust” because that is honestly what we needed to get our little Georgianna home.  So the theme was set.

For Georgianna’s “first” Birthday we invited her closest friends – one sister, three cousins, and two bffs – Seven Pixies total.   What was really special was that each of the little girls invited to the party are very close family friends and so all of them had prayed prior to G arriving home that she would come home safely and quickly.  When she arrived in the US she already had a bushel of girlfriends!   LoraleeLewisPixieHollow2PinThis

I rented a 12 passenger van and drove the little pixies up the canyon to “Pixie Hollow”.   On the way, I told the girls they had to think “Happy Thoughts” to keep the vehicle “flying” to Neverland and Pixie Hollow.  I giggled inside as the girls recited Happy thoughts like, “Pink kitties!’ and “Rainbow Unicorns!” But nothing beat Amalie’s Happy Thought, “DIAMONDS!”  Lainey echoed it saying, “YES!! LOTS OF DIAMONDS!”  We then had each girl pick out a Pixie name.  Everything from Sparkles to Pickle was chosen!

One of the greatest gifts Georgianna probably received this past year was little Vienna as her sister.  From the first evening they met at the airport, they walked hand-in-hand to the car.   Georgianna didn’t know English.  Vienna didn’t know French or Kikongo.  But they knew each other were sisters.  And that was enough.


LoraleeLewisPixieHollow5PinThisI loved intergrating the Peter Pan theme of “Never Grow Up” and “Never Grow Old” into the paper. Here it is on the Cake Banner. The Cake was created by The Apothecakery. LoraleeLewisPixieHollow6PinThisI gathered little sticks around the canyons prior to the girls arriving and were used as their Pixie Wands. The girls placed all their wands in the middle of the circle and danced around them while chanting a little “Pixie Chant” to make them magic! My special niece (shown here in the pink!), was upset that her wand wasn’t working – she couldn’t turn her cupcake into a frog! I told her it was because she needed to focus. LoraleeLewisPixieHollow7PinThisWe set up a little table with log seats for each girl and a place setting. I put a burlap imprinted tablecloth on top. Each little girl had a mini log cupcake stand with a cupcake on their place setting and their named printed on a place setting banner so they would know where to sit! I used my mini mason jars and flower daisy cut lids with our Pixie Punch Straws and Pennants for drinks. The mason jars, dasiy lids, and all the paper items are available on the website, http://www.loraleelewis.com LoraleeLewisPixieHollow8PinThisFor an activity, the girls made charm bracelets. We filled baskets full of “Lost Things” I preordered silver charms and crystal beads from Etsy and each girl went through and picked their favorite “lost things” to put on a bracelet and placed them in a bag. LoraleeLewisPixieHollow9PinThis LoraleeLewisPixieHollow10PinThis LoraleeLewisPixieHollow12PinThisThe girls cried when it was time to go home…literally. Luckily, they were excited because they would be meeting back together in two days for Vienna’s Princess party! It was the only thing that kept the tears to a minimum! I love this age.

Blog to you soon,

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