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Trick or Treat Tag Freebie for Mommies!

It’s a little foggy,
but somewhere between October 1st and now…  
I forgot to get my kid’s Trick-or-Treat from Mommy together!
Your own mom forgetting your special treat on Halloween is almost as depressing as
half a plastic pumpkin filled only with Bit-o-Honeys.  Your grandma forgetting is probably neck and neck.
With all the fun holiday plans, I knew I wasn’t going to get a chance to head to the grocery store alone-
so while my kiddos were “napping” (we use that term pretty loosely in this household)
I threw together a little something for my little ones to be surprised with tomorrow morning! I’m just happy they are still little and will be just as thrilled with popcorn as they would a king sized candy bar!
Not that any of you would ever run the slightest second off schedule, but on the off chance that maybe there are just few of you out there who are running a little behind like me – I thought I’d make the little tags I created available for download.
 I created them using my Vintage Trick or Treat Collection invite as inspiration.
You can download the tags for free here!
Happy Halloween, Mommies!
Now I’m off to the pumpkin patch.
Photos will follow shortly.
I’m not one to miss an opportunity to show off my little sweeties!

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