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Top 10 Easter Posts from Over The Years

My first blog post was in the spring of 2007.  When I began blogging I had no children and now I have four! (Yes, that’s an average of 0.8 children per year and no, I am not planning on that continuing that acquistion rate.) Needless to say, my life and the blog have gone through quite an evolution.  The layout has changed, the content, and even the name. But looking through the past five years of posts, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and share my favorite Easter posts from over the years.  Note and Warning: the layouts are all different from the older posts – so don’t be too thrown off!  The writing on some is kind of crazy too.  I know you won’t hold it against me!  See below for links.

1. Easter Place Card Robin Nests
2. Crazy Kid Activity Carrot Napkins
3. Books: An Easter Gift Sweeter than Chocolate
4. Easy Floral Napkin Rings
5. Growing Easter Traditions with Small Sprouts
6. Easy Coconut Macaroon Easter Nests
7. Crochet String Easter Eggs
8. Easter-scape Candy Vase
9. The Easter Bunny “Carrots” for Your Health
10. Bunny Brownies and Free Printable (old version here, new version here)

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