The Mad Scientist Dinner Party

Double, Double,
No Toil
Nor Trouble! A Mad Scientist dinner party will have your guests bubbling over with anticipation. This party won’t drive you mad because a few small things make this party a big hit. This spine-tingling “groan”-up Halloween affair is surely one to remember. And the whole time you will be so stress free you will want to scream as you down a gallon of our delicious Phantom Elixir or Vampire Venom.

Martha Stewart has wickedly outdone herself again with these adorable Mad Scientist Slide Mailer invites! You really can’t go wrong with these. But if you want other options (which we do not know why you would) then click here for an array of adorable halloween invites from Or for a more laid back affair, Oriental Trading sells a Mad Scientist Party pack complete with invitations.

Glass test tubes filled with “Maggot Spores” (aka Jelly Bellies) are dangerously edible! We used Martha Stewart’s test tubes that are unfortunately currently out of stock, but no worries! We found an eerily similar (and perhaps better) test tube set with matching rack at Fancy Flours. Click here to find them. Jelly Bellies are the perfect “maggot spores”. We chose pear and licorice flavors, but mix and match to your color scheme. Click here to order online.

Bubbling “beakers” will be the centerpiece for this mad celebration. It doesn’t get more No Fuss Fabulous than this. Simply fill vases and glass containers from your kitchen with brightly colored Kool-aid or Gatorade. Add dry ice right before your guests’ arrival. The most thrilling part of this table setting is what you cannot hear. When you place the dry ice into the containers the most witching bubbling occurs! The bubbling sound continued for more than hour at our No Fuss Fabulous party and was the perfect background music for dinner.

You will LOVE it. No Fuss Fabulous tip: Not all groceries carry dry ice. Call your local groceries ahead of time to insure they carry dry ice. It will save you time and effort.

To finish the look, we plopped double-take Halloween crows from Grandin Road on top of our bubbling “beakers” to add a more spooky ambience.

Download the below menu here. Radioactive Enchiladas is our main entree of choice. If you are feeling “experimental” we found two no fuss enchilada recipes off of Rachael Ray’s website: Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas and Easy Cheesy Enchiladas that can be done in a 1/2 hour or less. Or if you don’t have 30 minutes to spare, pick up your local mexican takeout or Stouffer’s Family Size Chicken Enchiladas at your local grocer. They are deceptively delicious. Click here for other spook-tacular Halloween dinner recipes we found.

For an ice-scream of a treat: Try our “Ice chilled Werewolf Paw drizzled with Strawberry Infused Blood” dessert (aka Too Easy Mexican Fried Icecream with Strawberries). Click here for our No Fuss Fabulous recipe. You will not regret it. It’s No Fuss. It’s Fabulous.

Following along Martha Stewart’s invitation theme, we created these drink labels that easily transform a boring regular drink bottle into a memorable conversation piece. Create your own labels or download here our No Fuss Fabulous bottle label. Print, stick and give a toast to feeling fabulous!

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