The Homework Fairy Visits

School is back and so is homework! The kids may be happy to be back to visiting daily with their friends, but their young and agile minds may not want to wrap their thoughts around homework.  So, invite the Homework Fairy to come by for a visit. The Homework Fairy loves to reward ongoing scholastic endeavors. She is always ready to blow in with a bit of star glitter and leave a sticker or bookmark reward inside a workbook or favorite bedtime story.  Homework Fairies need a bit of persuading to come into your home. A week’s worth of homework completed should tempt a Homework Fairy to come in and leave behind a “Well Done!” and maybe a token of her appreciation of your child’s hard work. Print out this Homework Fairy Sheet for personal use. Indicate homework being completed each day by a star sticker.  Homework Fairies love stars.  NoFussFabhomeworkfairy

Note to Homework Fairies: Be prepared to reward all the smart boys and girls out there! Stock up on stickers, bookmarks, erasers, pencils, stationary, paper airplanes, glitter, stars, and other fun rewards!  Make sure you leave this as a calling card, so they know who visited!


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