Submerged Flowers = Easy Summer Celebration Centerpieces

I love the growing use of submerged flowers as centerpieces. They are kind of the fresh/elegant/fabulous/simple/weird/awesome/modern new look in events. Not only are they simple and inexpensive to make, they create a unique conversation piece. By submerging flowers or leaves in clear glass vases, the flower’s color and details are accentuated and magnified as the light refracts through the water. They are becoming more and more popular at weddings with floating candles, but I love the idea for a summer dinner party as well.
011_primaryHere are some tips to make the look:
1. In order for your flowers not to float to the top of your vase, you will need to a) attach the stems to the bottom of the vase with aquarium glue or b) use fishing weights. Fishing weights are small silver weights sold at hardware stores. Attach weights onto the flower with clear fishing wire and let it sink – cover up with decorative stones or c) for some flowers simply adding decorative stones or pebbles to the bottom of each vase around stems keep the flowers from floating to the top.
nffsubmergedflowerscollage22. If you use regular tap water, bubbles may eventually begin to form on your flowers. Use distilled water to prevent bubbling.
3. Real flowers are recommended. If you use silk flowers, make sure you test them in water to prevent bleeding. I have heard that synthetic flowers work better than silk.
4. If your arrangement starts to look too heavy, try submerging only half of your flowers. I have been to a few events where they only submerged a portion of the flowers and they looked quite lovely. See photo below of untitled1flowers not fully submerged.
5. In water, everything is magnified. A floating wire or fraying silk flower will show. Be sure that your pieces are well put together before adding water.
6. Depending on the flower you choose, the blooms can look nice up to a week submerged in water. The length of time your centerpiece will look fresh depends not only on the flower you choose, but also how much jostling will take place. This is something to think about if you are hauling a few of them to a wedding reception or other event.

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