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Someone Famous Contacted Me…

I am not going to lie, ladies.  Several weeks ago, someone famous contacted me. 
Yes, it was via their assistant. But in my book that still totally counts.

Eek! I can’t tell you who it was due to the cloak and dagger mysterious thing celebrities must do, but I can say that they had a movie come out last month. Double Eek!

This famous person asked me (via their assistant) to create a princess themed party for their four year old daughter. I said, “Of course.” While restraining myself to be as I-do-this-everyday-nonchalant as possible. 

This collection is what I created for the famous person’s daughter …via their assistant.

And I don’t mean to toot my own horn, ladies. But I have done quite a few high-profile people’s invitations lately. That being said, this is the first person’s I’ve done that HAD A MOVIE COME OUT LAST MONTH!  I am going to go see it and just bathe in their famous-ness. 

 And on a different note, let me apologize for the blown-out photos.  I am not a photographer, ladies.  I am just a mommy and designer who sometimes makes invitations for famous people who have movies coming out (via their assistants).

The famous person insisted on everything.  And everything is what they got.  This collection also has a banner and cupcake toppers that I haven’t had time to photograph.  But I made sure they were fit for a princess.

The famous person’s daughter has curly hair. So I have made the collection available with both straight hair and curly hair princesses.  Let me say this too, this famous person’s assistant could not have been nicer.  His/her assistant was fabulous.

These buffet labels are even cuter in person. Again, I am not a photographer.

Oh, yes!  The assistant did send me an item with autograph.   I will most likely frame the item and attach a creepy-type picture photoshopped with me right next to them on the red carpet.

Now I must go and wait by the phone for another assistant to call! 🙂

You can find the collection in my shop here.

Blog to you soon,

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