Powerful Veggie Inspiration

Yesterday morning,  my best friend called with a grand announcement. 

“Lily Belle ate half a banana!” she screamed into the phone.  

We full on cheered.

To some this may be a small feat, but for mommies worldwide you completely understand why we both screamed and then had to talk about it for exactly 23 full minutes.  Getting your toddler to eat anything but Cheerios can be daunting.  The subsequent guilt after you tuck them into bed and realize all they ate that day was a bread stick, half a fruit snack, and pretzels may be extreme. 

Some kids just eat fruits and vegetables like they were born to be a rabbit.  Most do not.  For the majority of mothers, creativity is key.    Below are easy and oh-so-cute ideas that make eating veggies a lot less painful!

Do you have a favorite veggie recipe that makes them go down like a spoonful of sugar?  Or a creative fruit idea that your kids love?  If so, share!  We are all on the veggie/fruit battlefield together.

Links to Photos listed Top to Bottom and Left to Right.

Carrot Patches by Family Fun

Vegetable Flowers by Family Fun

Veggie Critters featured on by Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Love Your Veggies Flower Power Bell Peppers and Ranch Dip

Sugar Snaps with Honey Mustard by Family Fun

Sara Lee Deli Meat “Sushi” Rolls via Fun Crafts and Recipes


May your children (and mine) graze on veggies endlessly…or at least nibble. 

Blog to you soon,

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