Onward to College Survival Gift Bag ideas

college-graduation-kit-nff-ideas Is it possible that your book smart boy may leave to college without toothpaste? Will his packing list most likely have ‘ipod’ listed several times, but ‘laundry detergent’ amiss? Give your high school student a heads up to college at graduation by giving them a gift full of practical items, they may just not think of.

The great thing about making a tote yourself is you may spend as little or as much money as you would like. Be creative. The photographed tote I bought in the dollar section at Target, but you may find a more expensive tote that could also be used as a laundry bin, shower tote, etc. Also, don’t forget to throw in their favorite snacks! We don’t want them to miss out on even one college experience….especially the glorified freshman fifteen.

Here is a list of various items to put in the tote! If you think of any more, please leave a comment!
Empty picture frame
Phone book/address book
Gift cards
college-graduation-kit-nff-bakingcollege-graduation-kit-nff-laundryToothbrush & paste
Roll of quarters (for laundry!)
Laundry detergent
Stain Stick
Basic recipe book
Recipe cards with their favorite family meals
Ramen Noodles
Travel size toiletries
Pay-as-you-go cell phone
Small sewing kit
Yankee Candle
Chefmate Dorm Cooking Survival Kit
Clothes Hamper
Gum (always SO overpriced at the student center)
Tylenol Cold & Flu
Toilet Paper
Extra sheets
Ear plugs (oh, yes. We are all remembering a certain roomie from freshman year.)
Computer Paper (and ink! if you know the printer)
Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss(I can’t tell you how many lessons are jam-packed in this little book, and trust me if they are going to read ANYTHING in addition to their required text it would have to be a child length book!)

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