Neighborhood Ice Cream Social

nofussfabicecreamsocialFor quite a while now, I have been thinking about doing a Neighborhood Ice Cream Tasting and Social  in our new-ish area.  I love the idea of gathering together and getting to know those in your area in a relaxed atmosphere.  I do love a good BBQ, so if you are feeling the need for more feed than just sweets, go for the full course meal!  Ice cream is perfect for a summer neighborhood social. It is cool. It is just dessert, so no one is slaving over the grill or worrying how many burgers to buy to feed the masses.   Kids and adults love ice cream.  Everyone can participate and bring a flavor or make their  own homemade! The hardest part of the whole event is figuring out the best date to hold it! So, while I was debating this horrible conundrum, I made up this invite. You can print it out here: nofussfabicecreamsocial.  May the ice cream be sweet as your neighbors!

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