Nana Wilkins Saves the Day!

After a month of rollercoaster doctor diagnosises of ear infections, strep throat, stomach viruses, pink eye and fatigue, we were pleasantly surprised to have Nana Wilkins fly in from Portland to give some much needed fresh TLC to the kids and much more needed R&R for Lee and I.

We had the most lovely weekend. Lee and I took complete advantage of Nana’s offer to babysit and saw several movies together during her stay!

Nanette and I took the kids to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday while Lee took a much needed nap. It was just beautiful at the gardens! The kids loved being with Nana and honestly couldn’t have been more disappointed when she had to leave. She was their personal Mary Poppins for the weekend. Our Nana Wilkin’s name is spelled F-U-N. She makes everything more fun and easy.

Thanks, Nana for coming down and making us all feel better! You really are a spoonful of sugar. Don’t be too long coming back to us.

P.S. Bolt & Happy “Ducky” Feet are now right up there with “Panda.”

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