Mom’s Back to School Supply List

back to school with nff


As I walk down the aisles of my local Target, I longingly stare at the well-stalked school supply shelves.  I {heart} school supplies.  There is just something about brand new sharpened no. 2 pencils that makes me squeal.  So why should the tweens and kiddies have all the fun?   Mom’s need to be prepared for the new year as well!  Arguably,  a lot more prepared.   So take an excuse slip from me and skip gym class to purchase some must have mom back-to-school supplies!  You don’t want to be caught on the first day with no notebook and last year’s outfit.  

Here are some of my faves:

*All Out of (Grocery) Pad by Knock Knock – Who hasn’t wandered blindly at the grocery store, trying to remember what to buy? Stick this bestseller on your fridge and check off depleted items as you run out, then replenish with ease and certainty when next you shop.  Check out Knock Knock’s Chore Pad as well at SeeJaneWork.Com   (It works like a charm for husband’s as well!)

*Pottery Barn Cameron Artwork Storage – As beautiful as having a refrigerator filled with months of artwork is, there comes a time when you need to either throw it away or store it.  For Timmy’ s special projects that you know you will want to look at when you are 80, try putting them in these large Artwork containers.  Annie’s sister-in-law has one for every year her children are in school and it works spectacularly!

*Thank You Cards – It is my personal belief that every woman should have a set of thank you cards in her glove box and purse.  Having a set on hand will save you so much time, guilt, and grief.  As well as bring much joy and gratitude into your life.   Thanking people is such an easy thing to do, but a difficult one to remember.  Purchase a few sets of Monogrammed thank you cards to make the task easier.  I found this fabulous set on Etsy from InkSpot Workshop.  

* The Sharpie Pen found via Urban Grace Interiors –  Set down your cell phones please, you need proper writing utensils.  What they say is true, The Sharpie Pen “won’t bleed through paper” and “precise, consistent line width”.  If you are a pencil girl like me, try out Smencils at See Jane Work.  They are gourmet scented!  It’s like the smelly markers all over again without the toxicity.

*I’ll Be Back Soon Sticky Note Set at See Jane Work – It never fails everything important happens when you step away from your desk, if even for a quick trip to the bathroom.  These are perfect for moms on the go.

*A Fabulous Pair of Jeans –  Every woman needs a great pair of jeans.  Find a pair that you will feel awesome in and won’t embarrass your fourteen year old.  If you are having doubts about spending the buck, watch this

*Better Bakes by Immaculate Baking Co. –  Don’t have time to make a fresh back of cookies for little Timmy?  No problem.  Immaculate Baking Co. has created a premade cooking dough you can’t feel bad about.  It’s the first all the first cookie dough with all organic ingredients, and absolutely no bad stuff like preservatives, trans fat or artificial flavorings.  Say goodbye to your Pillsbury go-to dough and hello to Better Bakes.  The bonus is the only difference Timmy will notice is that they taste better.

*Tempature Task Clips  by Knock Knock –  These little clips will help you avoid work by sorting your papers into neat little piles and clipping them with critical designations—Cool, Lukewarm, Hot, and On Fire.

*A great handbag that will go from 8am carpool to 4pm soccer practice –  I am a huge believer in great handbags.  I’m not a huge proponent of walking around with bag printed with millions of C’s on it, but I do believe in buying quality handbags.  For the school year, as a mom, you need a handbag that can go with a lot and says, “I’m chic and so together.  Here are three of my faves by Kate Spade:  1, 2, 3.

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