Meet Our New Baby

Meet our new baby, Mr. Cat….
And his Mommy, Miss V.

Mr. Cat needs lots of baby care.

Swing and bouncy seat time around the clock;
Constant blanket wrapping and re-wrapping.
I am sure diaper changes are just around the corner.

For a feline, he is quite the fussy baby.

He only will take sipi cups – no bottles.

And if Mr. Cat is in the bouncy seat the vibration mode must be on

– if he is the swing it must be swinging at a level five with the music.

His mommy knows exactly how best to calm him.

I have to go now. “the new baby” needs to be re-wrapped in his blanket.

Blog to you soon,

P.S. I now know there are few things cuter in this world than watching a little girl play house.

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