Lovin’ Lunches

pb1As school wraps up, wrap up that last lunch special!

Here are some ideas for those last few days of brown bagging it!

Or use these ideas to make any ordinary day special!

1. SPRINKLES make any peanut butter sandwich stupendous

2. FOOD MARKERS add an artistic touch or a little “Hello” to any bread.

3.  Use STICKERS holding the wax paper around the sandwich together!

4.  Cute SKEWERS or picks of veggies or fruit – check out all the cute bento ones online!

5. Napkin with a little note and “I love you” – our mom always did this and I loved it!

6.  Add a little whimsy with the wax paper tied with licorice string

7. Use COOKIE CUTTERS on the sandwich, fruit, cheese and veggies

8. Silicone cupcake molds in different shapes (hearts, flowers, triangles) to hold crackers, fruits and munchies.

9.  Use a single serve cupcake saver harboring a tasty dessert! For just that reason or for closing any brown bag, I made these cute printable 2.5″ round stickers. Download here and then print and stick!OL350

10. Use a bento box mold or an ice cream sandwich mold to make rice or boiled egg shapes

11.  Count down lunch with bags or boxes inside the lunch box each counting to their next grade and with one item of the lunch inside each container.

12.  Make the paper bag into a fish like

13. Have the same number of items for their grade. If they are finishing third grade have the sandwich cut in three, three candy kisses, three carrot sticks, etc. Include a note about how proud you are about what they had accomplished in that grade year.

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