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Lainey’s End of Summer Camp Out by Loralee Lewis

Like a plot taken out of a book, my cousin Katie and I have been close as thieves ever since we were born.  We lived less than a mile apart most of our younger years and did practically everything together (generally in matching clothes that we would discuss over the phone).  As we got older not much changed.  We got married 30 days apart.   Both moved to Dallas and lived 30 minutes apart.   And four years ago, we both had little girls – 30 days apart.  So when my cousin called and asked if I would help with her daughter Lainey’s 4th Birthday – I was thrilled.  Lainey insisted on camping party – and Katie & I couldn’t have been more pleased.  And of course, we had to have all the kids match.  Here are some photos of the event!  Below the post are details of the day.


1) I had seen a lot of fun “Glamping” parties online, but since this was a for a little girl – I tried to keep true to a traditional camp.   Roasted hot dogs, tents, smores, flashlights, and even a few rolls of TP!

2) The little hankerchief backpacks in the photos were made by brilliant Katie.  Each tiny guest got a little backpack with “gear” in it for their “Bunny Hop Hike”.   Katie made blue hankerchief backpacks for the boys and pink ones for the girls.  Each pack came with 1) a compass  2) Swedish fish from the “fishing hole” 3) “Rocks” (Candy Rocks), and 4) mini flashlights (huge hit!) 5) and Camping Girl Granola (Chex Mix with Pink M&Ms), 6) Mini Bug Sprays.  I am going to see what I can do to twist Katie’s arm to show you how to make them!   My daughter and son insisted on wearing them to church the next day.  Needless to say, they were  a big hit.

3)  All the adorable cookies were provided by baker extraordinaire, Becky Melton.  She is currently setting up her shop in Oklahoma, but is taking custom orders online! You can contact her at

4) I created small ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles for the guests tiny hands.  This was fun because they could do it “all by themselves” which is a big thing at four years old!

5) Not shown:  We set up the “Harmon’s Fishing Hole” where the kids could “fish” and get a prize.

6) Each of the kids got a mini bug spray that said, “We love bugs – Not bug bites!”  I don’t care where you live, you need these if you are doing a camping party in August.

7) At the “Arts & Crafts” table,  I set out huge pinecones  for the kids to make giant bird feeders by spreading peanut butter and edible glitter all over them.  We hung them with twine.  Note: If you do this, bring large plastic bags for the kids to put their finished project in.

8) Each child got their own S’more-making-kit.  In it were over sized marshmallows, graham crackers, and mini Hershey bars.  Originally, I planned these as each guests favor.  However, when it was roasting time the kids grabbed their cans, opened them up, and loved having their own S’mores kit!  Sometimes tiny guests know best!  They were a huge hit.

9) Another huge hit were the mini  flashlights.  The kids could not get enough of them.  Definitely a must for a child’s camping party.

A special thanks to Tracy Wagstaff Photography for the photos!  And to Katie for letting me be apart of Lainey’s big day!

Blog to you soon,

P.S. All the paperie for this Camping Collection will be available in my store shortly.

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