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Guess who has Circus Day at Preschool?!?

Today was circus day at my little Vienna and Ethan’s preschool!

Ethan wanted to be a cowboy.
Ethan wanted to be a lion.

But after checking her inventory and realizing all her lion costumes were fresh out-of-stock,  his super-brilliant mother persuaded him that cowboys were WAY more fantastic (and deadly) than lions.  Thus, changing the costume choice.  Not surprisingly, cowboy costume inventory was high this morning.  Don’t ask me what cowboys have to do with circuses, but they did have a picture of a cowboy on the Preschool Circus flier and so I ran with it.

Vienna was happy as long as she was something furry that made noises.  I seriously rue the day when this little girl becomes particular about clothing choices.

Perhaps, she didn’t care though because according to her, she was not going to school today.

Miss V absolutely refused to go to preschool today… until she looked in the mirror.

Seeing her whiskers and nose, apparently made all the difference.   She laughed, posed for photos, and got in the car.

She may be wearing whiskers to school more often. 

Oh how I love this cowboy wanna-be lion!

And this whiskered little creature that makes noises!

They truly are my little dream team.

Blog to you soon,

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