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Georgianna’s Adoption Celebration Slumber Party

To celebrate our Georgianna’s adoption being finalized, we held a weekend celebration at our home!

Since Georgianna joined our family at 5 1/2 years old (and was now 7 1/2), Mr. Lewis and I wanted to celebrate her in a big way.  We wanted it to be an event that was 100% her.  In other words, roll out the nail polish, American Girl dolls, and all things fabulous!!!!

To begin the celebration, we invited all the girl cousins over for a Slumber & Spa party!    LoraleeLewisSlumberParty9My favorite Aunt Sherral made all the girls matching pink Spa robes!  To say they were special would be an understatement.   I mean look at them.  I’ll see what I can do to get you a tutorial, but no promises.  When my mother caught wind that Aunt Sherral was sewing homemade spa robes, she hit her Singer with gusto and made the girls American doll mini robes that matched Aunt Sherral’s versions perfectly!  They were super special. (See photos below on post.)  All I can say, is a little family recruitment can sometimes work out in the hostess’  favor. *wink*

  I learned a lot from my 7th grade Home Ec windsock.  I bought the girls and their dolls pajamas and slippers.

LoraleeLewisSlumberParty4 It was a family affair.

I made all the paper goods of course. But the collection was extra fun and special because it features hand drawn bunny slippers and feathers drawn by my artist mother, Georgianna’s Nana.  You can find the whole collection on the website here.

Nana also made the fabulous bunny slipper cookies! I’m not positive because I was running around with my head cut off putting the party together, but I’m sure Aunt Annie and Aunt Tami helped.

 My favorite cousin Katie helped pick out the fabrics for the event and cheered on Aunt Sherral as she made the spa robes.  To be honest, Aunt Katie may have been the mastermind!

Aunt Shea Alison made all the mini Donuts in Georgianna’s favorite colors.  See photos below!

Aunt Tami, a certified Esthetician, gave the girls pedicures.   No photos.  She’s private like that.

My trusty assistant Annette, who has been like a grandma to my kids through the years,  made all the pink popcorn and helped set up everything beautifully!

But it was the little girls that brought all the fun!  Here’s a peek into the party!LoraleeLewisSlumberParty6LoraleeLewisSlumberParty3LoraleeLewisSlumberParty2LoraleeLewisSlumberParty8LoraleeLewisSlumberParty13LoraleeLewisSlumberParty7LoraleeLewisSlumberParty10LoraleeLewisSlumberParty5LoraleeLewisSlumberParty1LoraleeLewisSlumberParty15LoraleeLewisSlumberParty11LoraleeLewisSlumberParty12LoraleeLewisSlumberParty14


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