Fussy Friday: Crochet String Easter Eggs

Looking for a fun Easter craft to keep your bunnies busy? These classic crochet string Easter eggs are a little fussy, but a lot of fun. This craft is perfect for the weekend before Easter. Here’s how you make them!

What you need:
1 ball of Crochet String in the color of your choice
6 small balloons
Craft Glue
Wax Paper

What you do:
1. Blow up small balloons into egg-shaped sizes approximately five to seven inches around the middle.
2. Cut 20 pieces of crochet string into 36 inch pieces to wrap around each balloon.
3. Pour glue into a small bowl and dip the pieces of crochet string into the glue.
4. Wrap each string around the balloon in different directions creating a fun design.
5. Repeat with all strings overlapping.
6. Tuck in loose ends.
7. Place stringed balloon on wax paper.
8. Dry for 24 hours.
9. Once the glue is dry, pop the balloon. Carefully pull the balloon out.

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