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First Day of Preschool!

My little twin crew went off to their first day of Preschool today. This will be Vienna’s first year at a long day program. I thought I’d be thrilled for them to start school – instead I spent all day bored as can be and emotional as ever waiting for them to come home!!! Me and Boston walked around Costco aimlessly waiting for when school would be over. I even accidentally picked them up 30 minutes early! It was most likely subconscious.
I worried about them all day, but when it came time to pick them up – they didn’t want to leave! They had a blast and begged to come back tomorrow! I guess they are going to do just fine.
Vienna marched up the little ramp to her school fearless. Didn’t even look back! I was so proud of my little girl. She was going to have a great first day! And she did. You will see the photos of her telling me all about her day eating her after school snack, milk & cookies. She was so excited.
Ethan gave Vienna confidence I think, because he seriously isn’t afraid of a group. He walked right into the school, opened the door and loudly said “Hi, friends!” The same greeting he says to everyone each week when he goes to closing exercises in primary! He really loves people and is in his element around his peers. Having done preschool before, he seemed to know the ropes and felt comfortable in the school setting even though it was a new program.

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