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Event Styling Tip: Straight Up Spoon Presentation

I want each of my clients to have nothing less than a gorgeous event!  Having styled my fair share of events and photo shoots through my paper company,  I have picked up a few tricks in creating a memorable event!  Once a week, I am going to share one or two with you!  Alone these small tips and details may seem inconsequential, but I have learned that a one-of-a-kind event is all in the details.

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I love mini desserts with spoons sticking straight out of them. To me, they are saying, “Eat me! I’m good!” Here’s a few quick tricks I have learned to keep your spoons standing at attention for guests.

1) Use light weight silverware.  Light weight dessert spoons (as shown in the photo above) or wooden spoons are easier to work with than heavy weight utensils.  And will help your desserts keep the spoons standing tall throughout the whole event. Often these light weight dessert utensils are included in your parfait and/or mini dessert glass sets when you purchase them.   Here are two sets that I own: Libbey Just Desserts Parfait Glass with Minaiture Stainless
Steel Spoons, Libbey Just Desserts Mini Flare Glass with Miniature  Stanless Steel Spoons.  If you are having a large event and on a budget, you can purchase just the steel mini spoons and/or forks and use clear plastic containers.  Wooden spoons are also fabulous for a less dressed-up event.

2) Chill your desserts firmly.  The sooner you take your items out the refrigerator the quicker they will soften.  Soft desserts have droopy spoons – not fun “Eat Me!” spoons.  Don’t take your appetizers/desserts out until a few minutes before your event will begin!

3) After you have placed your desserts where you want them, don’t add the spoons until the moment before your guests arrive.  I actually thinks it’s fun to be adding them casually as the first trail of guests arrive.  Attending to small details while keeping casual conversation puts guests at ease and doesn’t make them feel like you have sweated all week to create this beautiful moment!

Foods that are easy to create this look with include: parfaits, mousses, jellos, traditional ice creams, sorbets, rice puddings, mashed potatoes, etc.

Foods that do not work well: puddings, coleslaws, soft serve ice cream, etc.

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