Crazy Kid Activity Carrot Napkins

untitled-231 Carrots are really one of cutest symbols of the Easter season. This carrot craft plays two roles: 1) Keeping your kids happy while your glazing the ham and 2) Adorable homemade embellished napkins for your kid’s Easter brunch. Of course, you could always purchase orange and green napkins to make more professional-looking serviettes. But in this case, we wanted to keep the craft simple and low cost. We used all the things every mom would ordinarily have on hand in her home. We figured (if you are anything like us) you already have enough things on your grocery list to forget!
Here’s what you need:
White square Napkins (even paper towels would do!)
Raffia (optional)

untitled-161 Here’s what to do:
1. Fold square napkin in half making a triangle.
2. Color 3/4 of napkin orange.
3. Color top 1/4 of napkin green.
4. Using your fingers, gather the napkin in between the two colors.
5. Pinch the gather together and place a small piece of tape on the back to hold in place.
6. Tie raffia around carrot napkin.
7. Set each carrot napkin on the table for your child to proudly display!

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