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Clean Slate Collection

Is anyone else out there in need of a clean slate?  I’m in constant need of a fresh start…and a nap!  In all seriousness, I love the New Year and a chance to start fresh again.  I love writing out my goals for the New Year and hoping for a better version of myself.   This New Year’s “Clean Slate” collection is inspired by the fact that every day is a new with no mistakes – another chance to be who we truly want to be inside.  I have fallen in love with the trend of blackboards & chalk and took New Year’s as the opportunity to put my spin on it!  Hope it sparks some celebratory ideas for you!   Let’s leave our past behind us, forgive ourselves for the things that didn’t go as planned, and head into the New Year with a little more kindness for ourselves and others.

Styling & Paper – Loralee Lewis,
Cake Stands –
Desserts – Whole Foods

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