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Ladies, I don’t mean to scare y’all but I’ve got clients ordering for New Years.  Yes, you heard me right.  Your next door neighbor already has her kid’s Halloween costumes bought, pressed, and hanging in the closet.  She has finalized her Thanksgiving menu and now is currently working on her guest list for New Years.  Don’t worry, I love/hate her too.   Shc can be our joint BFF (read: Best Frienemy Forever). And let’s just be honest ladies, it doesn’t matter how prepared she is – she will never have your (fill in your best physical attribute here).

But in the spirit of competition, let’s not let her beat us to every punch.  Why don’t we order your Halloween invitations today and give her Halloween Bash a run for it’s money?  Below are a few of my Halloween collections that will stand up to the fiercest PTA meeting.  You can find more collections in the store shortly.  Like always, I do NOT offer printables.   You deserve better than that.  Everything will be shipped beautifully printed and perfectly shipped to your door.   All Halloween orders must be placed by October 4th.  I want to make sure everything is perfect and that takes time. 

Ghoul’s Night Out Collection

Witches’ Dance Collection

Halloween Bash CollectionVintage Whooo Halloween Collection

Haunted Mansion Collection

Bones Collection


Classic Children’s Costume Collection


Vintage Trick or Treat Collection

The Mad Cat Collection

More competitive Halloween fun to come!

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