A Fancy Nancy Inspired Affair

A few days ago, I showed a sneak peek of my Fancy Nancy inspired invitations and party items from my Loralee Lewis & Co. . I was creating the items for a very fancy four year old’s birthday soirée, Miss Jessie Ann! This weekend was her fabulous event and my little diva got to go! Here are a few photos of event!
The invitations
The cupcakes!

Ordinary cupcake toppers simply wouldn’t do! Ours had to have tulle and marabou!

Photos from the party!
Of course, I forgot my camera, but luckily Jessie’s mom emailed me the below shots. Here are a few things that were or were not photographed that I thought were oh-so-tres-chic.
1) Jessie’s mom created a little table with crystal dishes on it filled with colorful beads. Each of the girls made their very own necklaces. I created little signs for each color of beads that said things like:
(That’s a fancy shade of blue!)
(That’s a fancy way of saying yellow!)
The girls thought this was very grown up.
2) Each girl got a little black favor purse filled with a mini nail polish and stick on earrings. I blinged out the handbags with tulle, stick on jewels, and a label that said Merci Beaucoup.
3) Jessie’s mom came up with the idea of having a banner that said Fancy Four! So we whipped one up and hung it with a boa.
4) Due to peanut allergies of some of the pint-sized guests, Jessie’s mom kept the food easy. Instead of doing fancy cucumber sandwhiches which would have made three and four year olds tongue curl, she ordered pizza! I thought this was adorable because it was perfect for a little girl birthday and wasn’t trying so hard! The girls loved it.
5) We blinged out the water bottles with glitz ribbon and stick on jewels telling the girls it was fresh spring water – which is fancier than water jsut from the tap.
6) Ring pops were used as napkin rings!
7) I created oversized place cards for each girl with “fancy” by their name. This helped to eliminate fighting over seats! It’s funny how even at 3 and 4, girls love to know where they are sitting!
And just in case you were worried about the succes of the event, here is a photo of my three-year-old Miss V in her car seat on the way home. I think it’s safe to say, she felt pretty good about herself and very fancy! Thanks, Miss Jessie for letting us be a part of your very fancy soirée. It was spelidferous!
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