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3 Last Minute Valentine Candy Wrappers!

Let’s be honest, ladies. Men aren’t the only ones who could be labeled “slackers” when it comes to Valentines Day. There are a few of us – we will not name names – who by (no fault of their own) had to speed to preschool today while praying that the glue will dry on the Valentine boxes in the back of the Escalade. For all those women out there, these printables are for you.

Download them, stick them onto candy, and be fabulous.

AND You are NOT a slacker. You are a woman who has things going on. You are fabulous.

Download the wrappers here, here, and here. Drop one off at Granny’s and Aunt Betty’s. They’ll love it.

P.S. They are specially designed for the large movie sized candy. Above is a photo of the candy I used. No snack size snickers from us, ladies! We do Valentines big and expensive! (Psst… they are on sale for 50 cents a piece at Walgreens today.)

Gotta run! I’ve got to go pick up something for Mr. Lewis
that “I have had planned for weeks.” *wink* *wink*

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