With four little Valentines of my own, I am always trying to come up with simple ways to make each holiday special! This Valentines, I created adhesive candy bar wrappers that easily stick to the front of original sized Hershey bars. They were so easy that we will definitely be offering them on the website this year here! With three first-graders and one preschooler, I am 100% committed to making life easier for parents out there! I want holidays to be fun – not stressful! Each label is printed on our vinyl sticker paper so that they are easy for little hands to adhere to candy bars (and also easy to take off if they didn’t get it just right)! For their teacher, my little ones brought lollipop bouquets with a numbered flag pennant attached to each lollipop describing a reason why they loved him or her. Reasons were unique to each child and they dictated what each reasons should say. For example, “You make me love my puffy hair!” or “You read to us after centers every day.” (See bottom photo).


I hope you are having a beautiful day filled with love!
Blog to you soon!

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LoraleeLewisValentines1PinThisRecently, I teamed up with Electrolux and their social media editors the fabulous Jacqueline Mcbrien and adorable Stephanie Witmer to create a Valentine party for all the Electrolux lovers out there! Above and below are the results! This party features my Making XOXOs collection that is available in the shop, but I’ve also included some FREE DOWNLOADS to the collection that you can only get on Electrolux’s blog, livelovelux.com, here. Enjoy! And I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

P.S. The beautiful cake was created by  The Apothecakery and the clothing was provided by Koko Blush and Company (both my faves!). You can find the entire Making XOXOs collection on my website here.LoraleeLewisValentines2PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines3PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines4PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines5PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines6PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines7PinThisLoraleeLewisValentines8PinThis

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If you were in the Idaho area, you may have seen me and the work of my team on FOXnews 9 last night!  I had so much fun sharing my tips with Michelle Edmonds , Roland Beres, and viewers on creating an unforgettable Super Bowl Bash.  As you know, we are not a printable shop. We do not offer dowloads or printable goods in our store – only beautiful product printed, cut, and shipped to your doorstep! That being said, we do love to give away FREE downloads for special events. As promised, for a limited time we are offering all the artwork I created as free downloads! See below.  ALSO, we will also be giving a way all the goods seen in these photos for your Super Bowl party beautifully printed, cut and shipped on Instagram this week!  So follow us on Instagram for your chance to win a Super Bowl party shipped to your doorstep!


Loralee Lewis Super Bowl Downloads as seen on FOXnews (limited time download) by Loralee Lewis

Blog to you soon,

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LoraleeLewisvogueeyewearPinThisThrilled to have provided custom paper for Vogue Eyewear’s Launch Party this month!

More fun to come!  If you are in Idaho, look for us on FOXnews on Monday night at 9pm.  I’ll be sharing my top tips on throwing an epic Super Bowl party.  Also we are teaming up with Electrolux this week to bring you a Valentine photo shoot filled with inspiration on how to make Valentines special in your home.

Blog to you soon,

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Due to my hysterectomy this year, I didn’t have the chance to lead the charge for our 2013 Holiday Resource Book.  That being said, if you didn’t have a chance to browse it last year – do check out our 2012 Holiday Resource Book for last minute ideas.  The contributors were amazing and they are amazing tips and inspiration found on every page!

Click the “fullscreen” button on the book below for best viewing!

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I love decorating for the holidays and one of my newest décor loves is the use of chalkboards. I have several large chalkboards throughout my home. Above is a photo of the largest one. It’s in my kitchen. (I built this one myself using chalkboard paint and sheet metal. I’ll do a how-to on that later! But today let’s just focus on the art of chalk.) When we had Better Homes and Gardens come to my home in November for our Halloween shoot, I had Holly Owens with Owensquill Calligraphy design my chalkboards. But since then, I have been doing my own and I wanted to show how easy it is to create a spectacular chalkboard display.

Here’s what I do:
1) I design! Using Illustrator, I create the design I want to have on my chalkboard.
2) I print out my design on a transparency.
3) Using my old projector, I project the image onto my chalkboard.
4) Dim the lights and trace away.
5) Be Merry. You are fabulous…and you now have a fabulous chalkboard to match.

Here’s a short video of me doing it…

End Result:
More photos for reference…
Here’s a photo of my transparency on my Thanksgiving Chalkboard…
Loralee Lewis 1PinThis
And here’s the end product…

See! It’s easier than it looks!

Blog to you soon,

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Hey Sweet Friends!

We’ve been having so much fun over here!  No lie – it’s been a whirlwind of paper, laughter and late nights…all smooshed between preschool drop-offs and holiday photo card printing.  We have had so many exciting things happening that I want to tell you about, but to keep this post focused I’m just going to tell you about one: our recent photo shoots with Better Homes and Gardens!

As you know, we were featured in this year’s special edition Christmas Ideas issue of Better Homes and Gardens!  Definitely check it out and get all the free downloads that were included with my feature here


…then Better Homes and Gardens called again…and asked to come to my home and shoot an adult Halloween Party for their 2014 Halloween issue!  Naturally, I went on a crash diet that didn’t work at all had my BFF fly in for moral support.  BHG arrived at my home early November and LOVED the Halloween party we put together…YAY!


…while shooting Halloween they asked me if they could shoot MY CHRISTMAS AS WELL! Two speedy trips to the local décor store later and a private freak-out later…we finished pulling together my Christmas décor to feature my living room in the 2014 BHG Christmas special edition issue. Here is a super crappy phone-photo peek!  Can’t wait for you to see the real photos!


So definitely look for us in this year’s special 2013 Christmas Ideas issue, as well as next year’s 2014 Halloween issue AND 2014 Christmas issue as well!

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Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 4aPinThisLast year, I had so much fun putting this photo shoot and paper collection together that I wanted to revisit it this year right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. This collection has been one of our most popular Thanksgiving Day collections this year. Each animal featured in the collection is hand-drawn with love! I hope the shoot brings some inspiration and fresh ideas to you for your children’s table this Thanksgiving!Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 1aPinThis Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 2aPinThisLoralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 3aPinThis Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 5aPinThisLoralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 6aPinThis

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