LoraleeLewisvogueeyewearPinThisThrilled to have provided custom paper for Vogue Eyewear’s Launch Party this month!

More fun to come!  If you are in Idaho, look for us on FOXnews on Monday night at 9pm.  I’ll be sharing my top tips on throwing an epic Super Bowl party.  Also we are teaming up with Electrolux this week to bring you a Valentine photo shoot filled with inspiration on how to make Valentines special in your home.

Blog to you soon,

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Due to my hysterectomy this year, I didn’t have the chance to lead the charge for our 2013 Holiday Resource Book.  That being said, if you didn’t have a chance to browse it last year – do check out our 2012 Holiday Resource Book for last minute ideas.  The contributors were amazing and they are amazing tips and inspiration found on every page!

Click the “fullscreen” button on the book below for best viewing!

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I love decorating for the holidays and one of my newest décor loves is the use of chalkboards. I have several large chalkboards throughout my home. Above is a photo of the largest one. It’s in my kitchen. (I built this one myself using chalkboard paint and sheet metal. I’ll do a how-to on that later! But today let’s just focus on the art of chalk.) When we had Better Homes and Gardens come to my home in November for our Halloween shoot, I had Holly Owens with Owensquill Calligraphy design my chalkboards. But since then, I have been doing my own and I wanted to show how easy it is to create a spectacular chalkboard display.

Here’s what I do:
1) I design! Using Illustrator, I create the design I want to have on my chalkboard.
2) I print out my design on a transparency.
3) Using my old projector, I project the image onto my chalkboard.
4) Dim the lights and trace away.
5) Be Merry. You are fabulous…and you now have a fabulous chalkboard to match.

Here’s a short video of me doing it…

End Result:
More photos for reference…
Here’s a photo of my transparency on my Thanksgiving Chalkboard…
Loralee Lewis 1PinThis
And here’s the end product…

See! It’s easier than it looks!

Blog to you soon,

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Hey Sweet Friends!

We’ve been having so much fun over here!  No lie – it’s been a whirlwind of paper, laughter and late nights…all smooshed between preschool drop-offs and holiday photo card printing.  We have had so many exciting things happening that I want to tell you about, but to keep this post focused I’m just going to tell you about one: our recent photo shoots with Better Homes and Gardens!

As you know, we were featured in this year’s special edition Christmas Ideas issue of Better Homes and Gardens!  Definitely check it out and get all the free downloads that were included with my feature here


…then Better Homes and Gardens called again…and asked to come to my home and shoot an adult Halloween Party for their 2014 Halloween issue!  Naturally, I went on a crash diet that didn’t work at all had my BFF fly in for moral support.  BHG arrived at my home early November and LOVED the Halloween party we put together…YAY!


…while shooting Halloween they asked me if they could shoot MY CHRISTMAS AS WELL! Two speedy trips to the local décor store later and a private freak-out later…we finished pulling together my Christmas décor to feature my living room in the 2014 BHG Christmas special edition issue. Here is a super crappy phone-photo peek!  Can’t wait for you to see the real photos!


So definitely look for us in this year’s special 2013 Christmas Ideas issue, as well as next year’s 2014 Halloween issue AND 2014 Christmas issue as well!

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Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 4aPinThisLast year, I had so much fun putting this photo shoot and paper collection together that I wanted to revisit it this year right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. This collection has been one of our most popular Thanksgiving Day collections this year. Each animal featured in the collection is hand-drawn with love! I hope the shoot brings some inspiration and fresh ideas to you for your children’s table this Thanksgiving! Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 1aPinThis  Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 2aPinThis Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 3aPinThis  Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 5aPinThis Loralee Lewis Through the Woods Thanksgiving Collection 6aPinThis

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We’ve been super busy printing holiday photo cards over here!  I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!  I love this time of year.  Here is a look at a few of our Holiday Photo card suites!  More to come…

 Each super thick matte card is double sided and features your photo.  Envelope Liners, Address Labels, Stickers, Custom Postage Stamps and a Family Holiday Letter can each be easily added to make the most memorable presentation possible for family and friends.


Most Wonderful Time Photo Card Suite


Noel Plaid Photo Card Suite


Luxury Christmas Photo Card Suite photocard-laughing-all-the-wayPinThis

Laughing All The Way Photo Card Suite staffordstreet2PinThis

Stafford Street Photo Card Suite


Good Tidings (Red) Photo Card Suite


Good Tidings (Blue) Photo Card Suite


Opulent Trifold Photo Card Suite peacelovepajamas2PinThis

Peace, Love, and Pajamas Photo Card Suite


Joyeux Noel Photo Card Suite photocardcreaplaid1PinThis

Cream Plaid Photo Card Suite 

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I remember my first adoption like it was yesterday.  Three of my four children’s adoptions have been relatively straightforward and simple.  My first adoption, however, was not one of those three!  The adoption of my eldest, Ethan Alexander, was a soul tsunami.  I am so glad I went through it, because we got him!!!   That being said, it was not easy.   I’d like to share a small portion of his adoption story with you.


    In January of 2007, after many months of heartache and trial in fighting for Ethan, we came to a very important part of Ethan’s adoption process.  We needed to appear before the Ugandan High Magistrate, the highest court in Uganda, to receive an adoption ruling.  This would be the make or break of whether or not our six-month old baby, Ethan, would qualify for a visa and come home to the United States.  The day before our hearing, the front page of the top newspaper in Uganda was plastered with an article about International Adoption.  The High Magistrate (the judge we would be seeing the very next day) stated in the article that he believed international adoption to be child trafficking and he would not approve any international adoptions in his court.  (At the time, Uganda did less than 4 adoptions a year.)  The chances had been slim to begin with that we would get Ethan, now it seemed impossible.  Heartbroken and scared, we began to fast and pray.  In our eyes, it was not only a fight for bringing home our baby – we were also fighting for Ethan’s life.  We had been fostering him in our Ugandan “home” for several months.  In the orphanage, he had Malaria twice, Measles once and been labeled by the foreign doctors as failure to thrive due to lack of interaction.  There was no way I would take him back to the orphanage.  He was ours and we were his.  I would live in Uganda forever if I had to.  We prayed that the Judge’s heart would be softened.


The next morning, I remember slowly walking into the Ugandan High Court.  High Magistrates are Gods in Uganda.  I had been instructed to not look at the judge and be completely quiet to show as much respect as I could. I followed the directions and hoped that little Ethan wouldn’t cry as I clung tightly to my baby.   The proceedings began.  Our lawyer pleaded our case.  The High Magistrate stated that his heart had been touched and he was ruling that Ethan was legally ours!  Elated we left the court room.  We believed we had witnessed a miracle!

We received the court ruling written out the next day.  This was the last piece of paper we needed to get Ethan’s visa and fly him home.  They had our orphan investigation, health reports, home studies, etc.  This was all we needed.  Thrilled we went the Embassy.  At this point in the adoption, the US Consulate knew me all too well. I guess you could have called us friends frenemies.  I had been careful to follow every rule the consulate and Uganda Government set.  My goal in adopting Ethan was to do everything perfectly and correctly, to make it easier for future adoptions in Uganda.  This seemed to thrill the US Consulate.  It seemed as if he had a personal vendetta to make it as difficult as possible for me to bring Ethan home.   The consulate looked over the ruling.  It stated that Ethan was formally adopted by us, that Uganda recognized him as our son.  The consulate didn’t like it.  He said he wanted different wording.  He wanted it explicitly to say, Ethan could travel with us.

In Uganda, you don’t tell High Magistrates how to write their rulings.  Especially, when it was a miracle ruling to begin with.  But the US Consulate wouldn’t budge.  My lawyer was worried about being disbarred if she asked the judge to change his ruling, but I prayed.  Weeks passed and she stood by the door of the High Magistrate for hours and hours waiting for a moment to plead the case.  Miraculously, she met with him and the magistrate agreed to change the ruling to the wording specified by the consulate.  I immediately texted the consulate to make sure it was the correct wording and that we would receive a visa.  (Yes, we had each other’s cell phone numbers at this point.) The US Consulate texted me back that it was the correct wording and that if I got that wording he would give Ethan a visa.  The High Magistrate’s office said I would receive the corrected ruling the next day. Thrilled I went to my Ugandan home to pack me and Ethan’s bags!

The next day, in the middle of packing my bags,  I received a phone call.  It was my lawyer, Vicki, she was crying.  She said, “Loralee, I am so sorry.  I picked up the corrected ruling and brought it to the High Magistrate to sign.  But instead of signing it, he picked up his pen and tore a hole through the ruling.  He said that he never said any of it and that he would never approve your adoption.”  I bawled.


The next day, I didn’t know what to do.  So I just fasted and prayed.  I didn’t leave my house.  I just prayed with my little six month old baby boy hoping that something would some how happen to fix what was broken.  At 4:30 in the afternoon, I received a phone call – it was Vicki, my lawyer.  She had gone to the judge that afternoon and pleaded with him.  The High Magistrate signed the new ruling!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Armed with the new court ruling (with the new approved wording), I arrived at the US Embassy.  Happily, I handed the new ruling to the consulate.  He looked over it and then stated that he had changed his mind.  He would not give Ethan a visa.  He wanted new wording.  I stared at him. How could he do this to me?  To my son?  This was the exact wording he had asked for.  I had texts from him proving it!!!  He didn’t care what he had said before.  He now wanted it to include not only that Ethan was formally adopted, that he was our son, and that he could travel with us – he now wanted it to say specifically state the United States – even though United States was written all over the document, he wanted it in another place.  I was devastated.  At this point, I could travel with Ethan to Canada, China, Mexico – just not the United States of America. I didn’t know what to do.


Despite our best efforts, the Ugandan High Magistrate had reached his limit.  He didn’t believe in international adoption in the first place.  He wouldn’t adjust the ruling again for the US Consulate.  My son was caught in a power struggle.  Six months passed and nothing changed.  We pleaded with both men.  Neither would budge.

During this time, I read books and watched movies to cope.  With a limited selection in Uganda, I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy at least ten times.  On a particularly difficult day, I went for a walk.  I was so heartbroken, I could hardly move.  It seemed as if there were no answers to my problems.  I walked slowly through my neighborhood.  As I walked, I thought about the ending of the second Lord of The Rings movie – The good guys are fighting the bad guys in Helms Deep and although they have fought valiantly and received help from the elves – there is no hope.  They are defeated.  They will die.  Then right before their utter destruction, Gandalf comes riding on a white horse and saves them.

As I walked, I kept thinking about Gandalf and The White Horse.  I wondered where my white horse was. Why had God not come and saved me and my son from this trial?   Where was He?  I couldn’t have kids biologically.  I had trusted the Lord and felt that I had been led to Uganda adoption.  I had fought valiantly for over a year for my child.  Miracles had happened. So now, at the last moment, where was He?  Where was my white horse?

“Where is my white horse?” I thought as I walked.  He is supposed to be here.

Right then, I looked down at my feet and standing right in front of me on the concrete was a small plastic white horse.  I bent down, picked him up, and cried.  God was going to come.  He was telling me He was on his way.  My White Horse was coming.


Months and a few miracles later, I flew my Ethan home to the United States.  Now, I keep my little white horse by my desk to remind me that God comes.  He will come riding at reckless abandon to fight our battles for us.  And He always wins. When you feel defeated, know your White Horse is coming.  The Lord doesn’t abandon us.


My beautiful perfect miraculous Ethan.

I will blog to you soon!

We had Better Homes and Gardens at my house last week doing TWO photo shoots for next year’s mags!  Ahh! Can’t wait to tell you about it!




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One of the very few perks of working for my company is that you get to throw your own parties! A few times a year, each of our associates hosts an event that is meaningful to them.  I create a paper collection for the event and then we hire a photographer to capture the fun!  Annette Ashton is our office-manager-event-stylist-website-extraordinaire.  Annette not only does so much for us, she also is a grandma to nine grandchildren!  When she isn’t answering emails or styling a photo shoot with us, this Go-Getter-Grandma is off spending time with her grand-kiddos!  This year, Annette wanted to host a party that would be nothing less than a splash.  Knowing how much her grandchildren love water fights, Annette asked me if I would create a collection that was suitable for a wet and wild family gathering.  This collection is called Splish Splash.  It features everything from personalized snow cone cups to spoons!  You can find the whole Splish Splash Collection for purchase here.  Like always, we do not offer printables.  We refuse to do that to any host or hostess.  All our items are beautifully printed, cut, packaged and shipped to your doorstep.

 Take a look at the fun Annette created for her grandkids this summer!

(Styling Annette Ashton, Paper and Party Products by Loralee Lewis, Photography by Tracy Wagstaff Photography)

LoraleeLewisSplishSplash2PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash3PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash4PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash5PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash6PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash7PinThis LoraleeLewisSplishSplash8PinThis

Blog to you soon,

Splish Splash Collection Products featured at this party:
Invitation with coordinating Envelope Liner and Address Label
Rosette Scallop Banner
8×10 Custom Event Signs
“Soak up the Love” Favor Tags
Flag Pennants with Straws
Water Bottle Labels
10″ Glitter Letter Banner
Personalized Cream Containers with Labels
Personalized Wooden Spoons
Personalized Snow Cone Cups
Personalized French Fry Boxes

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