Easter Croquet Photo Shoot


As a little child, I used to play croquet all the time with my family!  I remember going over to my Grandpa Phelps’ home around Easter and playing it with him.    I was inspired by that memory when creating this shoot!  I collaborated with Koko Blush & Co. whom I just adore!  Their clothes are so amazing and they are a delight to work with!  Do check out their website – I can never decide which item I like the best.  We had so much fun putting together this event – almost as fun as the kids had shooting it!  If you look carefully, you can see my four little ones – Ethan, Georgianna, Vienna, and Boston playing around!

The signs, invitations, bottle labels, and paper goods you see throughout this shoot are from my newest Easter collection, Bunny Quartet.  They are available for  purchas on my website.   A special thanks to Lookie Loo Photography for capturing these special moments! Enjoy!

Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-2PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-8PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-13PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-15PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-5PinThis


Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-6PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-3PinThis  Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-9PinThis

Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-7PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-11PinThis


Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-20PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-21PinThis Loralee-Lewis-croquet-shootPinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-22PinThis Loralee-Lewis-Easter-Croquet-Photo-Shoot-19PinThis

Blog to you soon!

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